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Harleen set foot in her office to find Dr. Wallace waiting for her. She walked around her office chairs, looking at Dr. Wallace. “Is everything all right?” Harleen asked she sat down in her own chair.

Dr. Wallace nodded. “I wanted to check in with you after our last chat.” He answered. “You’re feeling better, I hope.”

Harleen nodded. “Better. I think it was from being overwhelmed with the long days.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought as well.” Dr. Wallace answered. “Why don’t you call it a day after your session today? You can type out your reports tomorrow when you get in.”

“I appreciate it, Doctor, but I find the quicker I get my notes down, the more details I can provide in my reports.” Harleen answered.

Dr. Wallace sighed. “All right, Doctor. Would you be open to having your session a little later than usual? It’ll give you some time.”

“Time to do what? Sit here and barely do anything? No thanks.” Harleen answered as she stood up. “Have Joker brought to Interview Room 6 please.”

“What’s wrong with the sixth floor?” Dr. Wallace asked.

“I asked Greg to set up the video equipment in 6 before I came in today. He should be finishing up right about now.” Harleen answered.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Interview Room 6 was where our first sessions were. It’s a more comfortable environment where he can feel a bit safer and more conducive to opening up.” Harleen answered.

Dr. Wallace stared. “He’s the Joker. He’d feel comfortable even if he was on fire.”

“It doesn’t matter where we have our sessions, as long as it’s in a comfortable environment, and I personally prefer the shorter walking distance to Interview Room 6.” Harleen replied. “Is there a problem with that?”

Dr. Wallace simply gave her an awkward smile. “All right. I’ll have the guard bring him to Interview Room 6.” He gave her another look. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Harley smiled. “Never been better.”


Harleen smiled at the sight of the Joker walking into Interview Room 6, and he smiled back as the guard sat him down and chained him to the chair as he did every time. Joker chuckled and looked up at the ceiling.

“Back to where it all began, hmm?” Joker asked. “Feels like ages since we’ve been in here.” He turned to the two-way mirror and waved.

“I don’t think there is anyone watching through it.” Harleen said.

“Should that matter? I’m waving to myself. I look good.” Joker said with a smile. He turned back to Harleen. “So, what’s on your little agenda today?”

“My agenda?” Harleen asked. She set down her notepad and pen and folded her arms. “What about yours?”

“Me?” Joker leaned in. “Now, why would I have…an agenda?”

“Because you always do.” Harleen answered with a smile, leaning in herself. “Spout all you want about how control is for those longing for something to complete themselves.”

“I said that?” Joker asked, trying to remember. He shook his head. “No, that doesn’t sound like me.”

“I’m paraphrasing.” Harleen replied. “What I’m saying is, while you say one thing…you do another. It’s like a distraction to throw whoever you’re talking to into a loop so they don’t focus on whatever it is you’re really doing.” She relaxed back into her chair. “I did figure you out.” Joker stared, barely able to blink let alone speak. “It took some time, but it hit me last night, just as I was dozing off. What you are…is chaos in a purple suit. You walk, eat, breathe and sleep contradiction; you preach anarchy while exuding complete control. The Joker plays the ultimate joke on everything and everyone: there is no such thing as control outside your grip.”

Joker raised his hands and started to clap. “I am…so proud of you, Harley.” He leaned in, with a huge smile. “You have figured it out.” He chuckled. “Beyond my little games, all the bad jokes and puns…there is nothing but a complete…and utter lack of control. As long as people are caught in between my fingers…” he laughed again. “…there is nothing but my rules and my control.” He shook a finger at Harleen. “That’s what I like about you, my dear. You’re intelligent, you can see through charades. I can safely say the Batman is the only other one who figured that out.”

“Which is why he was your perfect playmate.” Harleen replied.

“Exactly. Bat and Mouse is only as fun so long as the Bat has the brains to play.” Joker answered.

Harleen leaned in from her chain. “What if I wanted to play?”

Joker chuckled. “Now why would you want to play my games?”

“Call it a professional curiosity.” Harleen said. “I want to know what I’m up against.”

“You’re up against the best of the best, sweets.” Joker said. “And I should warn you; I’ve got all the special moves and cheat codes for this game.” He raised his hands. “I’m borderline unbeatable.”

“What about when you face off against Batman?” Harleen asked.

“I said borderline, not completely.” Joker answered. “If you win every time, there’s no challenge in it.”

“I look forward to the challenge.” Harleen answered.

“Well, then you should probably level the playing field.” Joker said.

“Excuse me?” Harleen asked. He held up his hands and jingled his chains. She shook her head. “You’re out of your mind.”

“Good thing I’m in here, then.” Joker answered with a smile. “Come on…” he whispered. “…what’s a little fun between friends?”

“You should be lucky I got you out of the strait jacket.” Harleen replied.

“So why not push the luck even further?” Joker asked with a smile. “I’m still hoping they’ll let us share my cell.” He chuckled.

“Give me one good reason.” Harleen challenged him.

Joker smiled his biggest, most promiscuous smile, leaning in with his eyes locked onto Harleen. “Because you want to.” He smiled.

Harleen stared back, their eyes reflecting off each other’s gaze. She wanted to do something; she did not know what, but something. Joker did not blink as he stared at Harleen. She blinked once, scoffing before getting up from her chair and walking to the door.

“Hey.” She said to the guard.

“Is everything all right, Dr. Quinzel?” the guard asked.

“May I have the keys?” Harleen asked.

“Excuse me?” the guard asked.

“The keys to Joker’s cuffs. May I have them?” Harleen asked again.

“Dr. Quinzel—”

“I know we need proper clearance, but I’m close to getting a breakthrough. Keys, now.” She gave the guard a piercing, overly serious look. “Please.” Without a word, the guard took the keys off his belt loop and placed them in Harleen’s hand. “Thank you.” She shut the door behind her.

Harleen moved in quick silence as she first placed the key in the cuffs restraining his wrists. Joker rubbed his wrists with a sigh of relief, looking down as she undid the cuffs and chains at his ankles. When she was done, she set the keys down on the table, looking at Joker in silence.

“Ahh.” Joker exhaled as he stood up and took a few steps. “It feels good to stretch my legs after all that.” He pointed to the chains. “Talk about dead weight.”

“So, how does one play your game?” Harleen asked.

“Oh, you’re already playing, my dear.” Joker answered. “In fact, you’ve made the first move.” He shook his finger at her. “Naughty. I always make the first move.”

“Well, then it’s your turn.” Harleen replied. She smirked. “Make your move.”

Joker sat back down, smiling. “I don’t think I have a move right now. Why don’t you make another move?” Harleen looked at Joker silently, doing nothing else. “What’s wrong, Harley? You don’t have another move to play?”

“It’s your turn.” Harleen replied.

“I pass.” Joker answered.

“Well then, it looks like we have nothing to do for our session.” Harleen replied. “What would you like to do to pass the time?”

Joker sighed, looking up to the ceiling. He stretched his arms above his head with a groan, sighing as he set his hands on the table. In his silence, Joker looked into Harleen’s eyes, smiling. “You know what I like most about you, Harley?”

“What?” Harleen asked.

“Your eyes.” Joker answered. He leaned in. “They are a very nice shade.” He continued to stare, not even blinking. “It’s like they’re drawing me in. I just want to look at them.” He smiled. “Do you want to look at mine?”

“I already do; for three hours a day, every day.” Harleen answered.

“What about when I’m not around? Do you still want to look into them then?” Joker asked.

“Do you really care about what I do in my free time?” Harleen asked.

“Oh, very much so, Harley dear.” Joker answered as he stood up. “As my doctor, I feel compelled to make sure that you live your life outside these constantly aging walls.” He walked around the corner of the table. “I feel better knowing that you have interests outside work. That you are…” He sat on the table near her. “…properly taken care of.”

Harleen pushed her chair back a bit, but one of the legs hit Joker’s foot. “I take very good care of myself.”

“Oh, I can see that, Harley.” Joker answered. “But, you still look like you’re…missing something.” He got up from the table and moved closer to Harleen. Harleen got up from her chair and started to back away from him with every step he took. “Something very important is missing in your life.” He made Harleen back up against the wall of the room and he leaned in close. “Me.” He whispered. She was silent, but did her best to keep her composure. With no warning, Joker gripped his hand around her throat and put his lips close to hers. “You need someone like me, Harley. Someone who can show you the greater fun in life; all the smiles that can be had. I can give it to you.” He took his lips away from her. “All of them; all the smiles, all the laughs will be yours.” He smiled. “You just need to be…mine.”

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” The guard yelled as he burst through the door. He grabbed Joker’s shoulder and pulled him off Harleen.

Harleen watched as Joker laughed at the tops of his lungs while the guard pulled Joker out of the room. She could still hear him laughing into the distance. Her breath shuddered as she tried to inhale. Chills ran through her body and all she could feel was cold. Joker’s laugh had sunk into her mind, even as Dr. Wallace ran into the room, doing his best to support her weight as she slowly descended to the floor.

“Dr. Quinzel?” Dr. Wallace asked. He received no answer. “Harleen?” She was frozen in her combination of fear and excitement. Her breath began to quicken as she shot back up from the floor. “Harleen, breathe. It’s okay.”

“I’m all right.” Harleen answered. “I just…I just need some air.”

Dr. Wallace nodded. “Why don’t you go splash some water on your face? We’ll talk in a moment.” She nodded and he watched her leave the Interview Room to find the nearest ladies’ room.


Harleen leaned over the sink, her hands gripping the edges tightly. The sink was half-full of cold water and some of it dripped off her face. She stared into the white porcelain through the water, her mind racing with thoughts. They all faded away until all she could hear was Joker’s laughter in every corner of her head. She listened to it for a moment, but soon splashed more cold water on her face.

“Come on. Come on, Harley.” She shuddered, realizing she called herself Harley once again. She splashed even more water on her face. “My name…is Harleen Quinzel.” She started to lose her breath and she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Harleen could see her as she was; a top-tiered psychiatrist practicing her hard-earned training at Arkham Asylum. She closed her eyes and bowed her head to try to calm herself. “I’m okay.” Harleen openedher eyes and looked at herself in the mirror again, gasping at the sight of her blonde hair in ponytails, patches of red and black dye in random splotches. Her breath was nearly gone when she focused on the three black diamonds tattooed under her right eyes like teardrops. She groaned before splashing more water on her face. “I’m Harleen Quinzel.” She sighed. “I am Dr. Harleen Quinzel.”

“My dear sweet Harley.” Joker’s voice whispered in her mind.

“My name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel.”

“It could all be yours. All the smiles and laughter in the world.” Joker whispered inside her head. “All you have to be…is mine.”

Harleen opened her eyes, breathing normally. “My name…” she looked up to the mirror, seeing her normal self once again. “…is Harley.” She smiled. “Harley Quinn.” She started to giggle, and it slowly evolved into laughter.


Harleen entered her office, seeing Dr. Wallace sitting in her chair, waiting for her. “Dr. Wallace.” She said calmly.

“How are you feeling?” Dr. Wallace asked.

“Better. A few splashes of cold water did the trick.” Harleen answered. She walked around her desk and sat down across from Dr. Wallace. “What happened to the Joker?”

“Well, we sedated him just to be sure he wouldn’t try anything else.” Dr. Wallace answered. “He’ll be in isolation for the remainder of his timed here. Your sessions with him are over.”

“I don’t understand.” Harleen answered.

“It’s obvious Joker only cares about creating as much chaos as possible. I suppose some people are beyond help.” Dr. Wallace replied. “After a few personal days, we’ll have you back working with Cobble—”

“I don’t want a few days.” Harleen interrupted.

“Excuse me?” Dr. Wallace asked.

“I’m fine, and I don’t want to stop my work with Joker. One incident will not deter me from doing my job.” Harleen answered.

Dr. Wallace sighed. “Harleen, I appreciate your drive—I do. I meet very few people with your level of passion. However…I can’t allow your safety to be compromised. Joker is too dangerous a patient.”

“I’m perfectly aware of the risks, Dr. Wallace. I’ll be fine. I want to keep working with Joker.”

He gave her a look of confusion, but Dr. Wallace could see the determination in her eyes, along with something else he had not seen in her before. “All right. Fine.” He answered with a sigh. “You can continue your work with Joker, but I want a guard in with you at all times.”

“I accept any conditions you think are necessary.” Harleen answered. “We’ll resume tomorrow in Interview Room 6.”

“Very well.” Dr. Wallace answered. He stood up. “Now, please. Go home, get some rest; sleep in and come in a few hours late if you feel you need to. Joker isn’t going anywhere.”

She nodded, watching Dr. Wallace leave her office. Harleen relaxed into her chair, sighing. “He’s not going anywhere…for now.” She smiled as she swiveled to her computer.

Joker Session 5 Notes by Dr. Harleen Quinzel

Joker tried to force himself on me as a means to throw me off-guard with the fact that, by his own admittance, I figured him out. I believe that he did it out of a compulsion to prove that he is unpredictable.

In most ways, he is unpredictable, and in others, all he wants to do is cause chaos. The Joker is, in all definitions of the word, the living embodiment of anarchy. While in control of himself and others, he creates chaos in the hopes to be the one and only person who can control the outcome of his environment.

I had to push Dr. Wallace slightly to continue my sessions with Joker. I hope that it will prove a worthwhile endeavor. Joker is by far, the most intriguing patient I have ever worked with in my entire career.





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