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Today’s article will be narrated by none other than Matt Monster…one of the minions of the Media Monster clan. He’s very excitable and sometime gets unhinged, so let’s give it a try. Here he is.

Hmmmm….Eddie…Eddie the Eagle. Very interesting man. Did many jumps.


Jumping is fun, but Eddie…he had no reason to want to start jumping. Big jumps in the eighties. Big jumps through the snow air…seventy two meters….not spoiler. You know he made big, Van Halen jumps! There is movie about Eddie, and actor so much like real man! Eddie was nobody, but his bad flying leaps made him superstar! It was funny. Eddie’s eyes so bad he had to wear glasses all the time. Can’t see when jumping! Glasses foggy. He always accident. Get hurt! Crazy! Ouch! Could have died! It hurt much! Funny! Schadenfreude!

Wolverine man. Wolverine Huge Ack Man was trainer. Eddie speak British English. Huge Ack Man grumpy and always drink to be the drunk! They talk different. Ack Man not understand Eagle’s voice! Trainer give Eddie Eagle only skis, but skis too big! Still Eagle man jump. He jump high and long…so many socks to make ski shoes fit. I laugh! I laugh so hard I make behind rumble and theater smell! Bad smell! Like feet! But no one leave, because Eddie Eagle man funny. He believe he could win. No way to win…but he did. He went all the way to Olympics! Eddie not belong there. Silly Eddie. He stubborn. But people love him. Some people. Others not. Still! He win now! Movie funny! Like Cool Runnings, but extra happy! Just not Jamaican. Still, me like!

Me like…Cowbell…I want…more Chris Walken! And pizza. Cowbell pizza! Me go make!

Well folks; there you have it, and straight from the monster’s mouth. Did you like him? Perhaps you want to meet some of his friends sometime? Personally, I think I liked the movie about the same as Matt Monster. The only thing is after reviewing old footage of Eddie the Eagle’s jumps, he doesn’t seem to be quite the amateur he’s made out to be. After all, he did have to qualify to enter the Olympics. However, he did push every rule to the limit to qualify for the 1988 Olympics, so much to the extent they made rules about having to professionally perform the sport in order to qualify. He sure was a dreamer and wasn’t going to let petty things like having no chance of winning block his dream of performing in the Olympics. It really is about the journey with this one.


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