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Now don't get me wrong, I like [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), it's fine, and I don't know what you think of it, but once you read this I think you will too be a little disappointed in what we got, given what we could've gotten.

So, the concept is that Rip Hunter, master of time travel, brings together a team of lesser known heroes, which we slightly know from Arrow and The Flash, to stop Vandal Savage and become legends. Notice my insistence on our little knowledge of these characters, as I do believe it, Mick and Leonard are nearly cartoons. My idea of the show at this point would be greatly excited that we are going to see these characters more, and that this show will give the time to flesh out these characters as actual humans, and not cartoons.

Rip Hunter is actually done fairly well I just would've liked some more time in the future. White Canary is an original character, they have a free pass, she could have a really good redemption story in this show, maybe even some harsh moments returning to Sara's time in the League of Assassin's. Firestorm and the Hawks are both fine, though I will say the acting of Hawkman and Hawkgirl seems lacking, and just to mention it, I'm personally not a fan of the merging of characters Vandal Savage and Hath-Set. Now for the last two, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. I think criminals probably have a very interesting psyche, one seemingly rarely explored in comic book material. Leonard's seems to have been explored in The Flash, but there definitely could be more there, and a lot more with Mick.

Vandal Savage could've been made a really horrible villain, we could've seen an amazing fall, on his part, into madness, maliciousness, and manipulation, alike to the fall we saw of the Governor in the Walking Dead or Lorne Malvo in Fargo, displaying exactly how his mind is so truly warped and twisted. They could've even had it so that we don't see Savage for the majority of the first season, he runs the freaking Illuminati, and in a comic book world, you bet there are some fun villains in there, and then after a season fighting the secret forces throughout time, attempting to get to master of it all, there is a massive show down, which holds great emotional pull because of the horrible things we see over the season, all caused by Savage's forces.

But in the show we got (spoilers) all we get as emotional pull is the murder of Rip's family's (which we didn't even care about cause the only screen time they got were their deaths), and Carter's death (which is just ridiculous that that was the emotional pull, they've gone over it over and over that they reincarnate, and even if they explained that he wouldn't this time if I missed that, than it's a comic book death, and that is one of the bigger heroes of the DC universe, so it just doesn't effect me).

To wrap it up I'll just say this is painfully obviously the easy thing to do, but I don't want easy, we're 8 years into the golden age of comic book other media, I think it's about time for someone other than Marvel with its Guardians and its Doctor Strange, to take some actual chances, and The Flash and Arrow are being great at introducing time travel, magic, and other dimensions, but I was just hoping for something even more ballsy with Legends, maybe even something that replaced the realistic grit of Arrow so that that might even move closer to the fun wise-cracking Green Arrow from...everything else. Either way, the Flarrow-Vixen-Constantine-Legends-Supergirl Multiverse is still a really fun behemoth so I'm excited for whatever comes next, and I will update this if the future of Legends of Tomorrow changes my mind.

Alright, coming from the "future of Legends of Tomorrow", I pretty much stand by everything said here, though I am excited for season 2 especially given what the finale ended with, and what the show runners have had to say about it.


How do you feel about Legends of Tomorrow?


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