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(Spoilers for those who for some reason can't watch the show but still click on these posts and complain about spoilers.. Nobody loves you)

There has been a lot of tension in The Flash, regarding Zoom. Now that he has been revealed as Hunter Zolomon, aka Jay Garrick- a plethora of questions have now risen from the ashes of this shocking twist. But so far the greatest question seems to be: How can they stop him???

Well... Maybe they have already shown us how.

It's All In The 'Velocity' Drug

Remember that sweet superspeedy goodness that Jay had warned Catlyn from giving to Barry? You should. It's played a pretty pivotal role in Jay's story arc.

Since it's conception in the story, Velocity has stood as a 'power with a price' type situation. Wells had originally created it as an aid to Barry's speed, but Jay had protested the drug. He later revealed that back when he had his speed that he'd actually USED Velocity 6 to try to move faster, but it's effects had ultimately taken his speed away.

With help from Catlyn, they had developed multiple variations to the drug in hopes to find a strand that could permanently return Jay's speed. Their first attempt being in Jay's fight with Geomancer, using Velocity 7.

Though it wasn't successful, it served as an aid to allow Jay to Don the red suit and metal cap once again.

So what was the issue? The drug still didn't last. Though it lasted longer than its predecessor, Velocities 7&8 had still left Jay's system, taking his speed with them.

However, there might just be an answer in Catlyn's last attempt: Velocity 9. Though they never had a chance to test it, the research that Snow had done had made her confident in its ability, especially after Velocity 8's latent effect of helping Jay's cells regenerate.

But there is just one missing detail...

Jay Garrick Is Zoom

Why is that detail so important? Because it now it's hard to determine what he's said that is actually true. It was already stated that he'd manipulated Barry and Catlyn, using their weaknesses to gain their trust. So it can also be fair to assume that Jay's word isn't all its cracked up to be.

He'd stated that the Velocity had zapped his speed, to which, Catlyn HAD discovered his cells were degenerating. But some have been concerned that the Jay that the team had been invested in might not have been completely real.

There are certain factors that suggest that the team's Jay might have actually been a clone. Due to his dying cells and the fact that Zoom had actually killed him (It wasn't a speed mirage). And after Velocity 8's success in regenerating his cells, it can only get better for Barry. Why?

They Still Have Velocity 9!

Yep. The prodigal drug that both Catlyn and Jay were convinced was the perfect specimen to return his speed. Why didn't they use it? Well...

Yeah, that can put a damper in things... But he's the villain. So screw 'em.

But the issue remains the same: Barry needs to get faster. And now he has the ultimate tool at his disposal to help him do it.

Do you think Barry will use Velocity 9 to fight Zoom? Do you think it will cost him his speed? Did O.J. really do it?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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