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Okay its been longer than I wanted it to be but I am back and getting set to go into some serious media reviews. Just gotta have a bit of time to organize my thoughts and get things together.Also, my title is a bit misleading, it is not so much reviews as analysis and it will include a variety of media. Where am I going with this you ask. Well, as I started with i wanna get into one important are.

I want all things horror dang it. Will be looking at some short films to start things off and then going into some more feature length stuff and then the real ambitious stuff comes up....TRANSMEDIA! What does that mean you say? Look it up its in an earlier post. Will be going to events, some via remote access which i will also look at. Live events, cinema events, hands-on events. Anything i can get my hot little hands into I will be doing and analyzing.

Now all of this is centered around the greatest holiday ever and i want to keep the mood positive so here is the deal. Will not be tearing anyone down. If i do not have something good to say I will simply not say it. What I will be doing is looking into the mysterious working that is the academic horror fan mind. The media commentary will focus on the following criteria.

1. type of horror: what am I looking at? A slasher, a torture-porn, a haunted house or even an old dark house event (yes, there is a difference). For the start i will be looking at my favorite sub-genre in this genre.

Lovecraft!!! This will include short films to start then going to all other things cause there is a whole lot out there about the man...flaws and all.

2. Story summary: Everything, not just movies, has stories and these will be summed up. Don't believe me. Look at the last haunted house you went to and tell me if it had a plot or not. Trust me, it did.

3. Eye catching: What is it about this thing that got my attention and, much more important, what help my attention. Story, editing, design, sensory overload potential. Anything that makes it cool in my eye will be brought up here.

4. Eye missing: Not literally of course but what did i notice was not there or did i feel was lacking upon reflection. Kinda negative you say, well you can't like everything and constructive criticism is helpful to all.

5. Not missed: Sometime there is such a thing as adding by subtraction or less is more or however you wanna say it. What people choose not to put is often more revealing of media trends and popular tastes. This is crucial to an old guy like me wanting to stay hipp. Okay that is a totally futile venture but a dude must have a hobby.

6. Where could this go: Always fun to engage in some idle speculation about media and the potential of geek fandom. This is one of the cases where I just want to imaging if resources and funding were not an issue what could be done here. Or, i might even factor in resources and funding. It my blog i can do that, so there. Just a place where this might be fun.

Anyway, that is what is going on. Three films to watch late tomorrow after work so will try to get the analysis up shortly thereafter. Hugs to all and, rest assured, I am back.


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