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Today is Pokémon's 20th anniversary and Nintendo has decided to celebrate by making the ever-present challenge of catching them all even more expansive by announcing two brand new surprise Pokémon games entitled 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Pokémon Moon.'

Although we didn't get much information on the new games, apart from the fact that they will be released 'Holiday 2016,' it is possible to grab a few minuscule sneak peeks from the trailer. Check out the stuff I spotted below:

Pinched Pikachu

Pikachu just keeps of getting svelter and svelter (perhaps because of all that hard training) and it looks like he will be equally as slimline in Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Center Meets Pokéball

This Pokémon center design borrows from the most iconic item out there, the Pokéball.

Driving Ambition

The amount of car images might suggest that you could potentially drive around, therefore erasing the irritating slogging a trainer has to undergo before they obtain the 'Fly' TM.

One of the images seems to be an ambulance, which suggests that you could possibly call for help in far flung places.

Water Gym?

The Pokémon decals and the Horsea fountain suggest this could be the Water Gym in Moon and Sun.

Peacock Pokemon?

This could be a sketch of Fletchinder, judging from the crest and wing patterns, but it could also possibly be a peacock Pokémon, one of the most exciting, colorful animals that hasn't made it into Nintendo's classic games.

Another Look

We also get a look at this mysterious Pokémon from behind.

Less Generation One?

The emphasis on the connectivity during the presentation seems to suggest that there might not be many, if any, generation one Pokémon in the new game, seeing as players can easily transfer their old catches. This potentially means we could be getting a bumper pack of new Pokémon with the latest batch. Fingers crossed!

Check out the whole presentation for yourself in the video below:

What would you love to see in Pokémon Sun and Moon?


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