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If you sat through the end credits of Deadpool, you've seen Deadpool all cozy in his lilac-wallpapered home, donning a bathrobe on top of his red spandex suit. And if you missed that scene, you've probably still got major outfit envy from all those gorgeous movie posters. Let's face it: Deadpool is not only the sassiest superhero in town, he's also the sexiest.

Now You Too Can Get The Hot Deadpool Look

So you've been dreaming since the movie release of getting Deadpool's insanely hot look? Wishing you could prance around your house with a very comfy looking mask on your head? Seeing as you've probably got a bathrobe at home, all you need is the Deadpool costume.

The Deadpool Costume Is (Almost) Yours

Thankfully, you can spare yourself the trial and error process of the costume-making that Wade had to go through and just order it right here on Amazon. We've all got $300 to spare, right?

Clearly no difference
Clearly no difference

It includes a mask, gloves, boot covers, a belt with bags, a harness, and obviously a jumpsuit that will outsmart your brown pants any day.

Not only can you choose from sizes between XXS and XXXXL, you can actually have it custom made. Because a great ass deserves the perfect fit.

Would you order a Deadpool costume, or rather a nice platter of chimichangas?


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