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You may need to look twice at these stunning body paint creations by artist Kay Pike, which look freakishly like original comic book drawings.

After suffering from arthritic "health issues," Pike switched from regular costumed cosplay to this unique style. Moviepilot reported some of her amazing works recently, but we couldn't resist going back for more.

Her use of vivid colors and bold shading make precise reflections of the comic versions. She shares her art with her combined 150,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Yes these seven creations are alive, and a bit sexy:

7. Lady Deadpool

6. Robin

5. Dark Phoenix

4. Skeletor

3. Captain Marvel

2. Poison Ivy

1. Spider Woman

Watch a time-lapse of Pike metamorphosing into Captain Canuck:

What comic book character would you like to see Pike painted as?

Cap'n Canuck, is that you?
Cap'n Canuck, is that you?

Source: Kay Pike


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