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Has there been a malevolent plot to damage the reputation of the upcoming blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice? A clever Twitter user seems to have uncovered such a plot.

On February 25th, Twitter user @Editor_Of_Steel made a post seeming to uncover a massive smear campaign against the film on Twitter.

A lot of people have said before there's a possible smear campaign against the DCEU that's possibly being controlled by someone or some organization. I was one of the people who said that's absolutely bogus. There's no proof and I thought it was just SOME DC fans being a bit too reactionary and sensitive.
However, I think I may have found evidence for it. Test this yourself if you want to on Twitter, search "batman v superman rain" and set the filter to "Live" tweets or "All" Tweets. - @Editor_Of_Steel on Reddit

The post went on to explain that if you are to go to Twitter and search "Batman v Superman Rain" under live tweets, you will discover a plethora of tweets saying "Batman V Superman will be a 2 hour tracking shot of every DC character crying in the rain."

Take a look at what I found below, and see for yourself by heading here.

Now, the rational thinking person in this situation would say "That's crazy, those are just trolls and DC haters sharing posts". I thought the same thing at first, until my jaw dropped as I noticed how far they go back. I myself stopped at January, but popular Youtube reviewer Jaeroar claims to have made it back to July........JULY.

@Editor_Of_Steel did not have a definite answer as to who he thinks is behind it, although he strongly suggests that it may be "botted posts", or even so far as the posts being the finalization process of an online contest. The post also stated that a lot of the tweets were posted by users who do not even speak English. Either way, the creator seems to believe that this is indeed a controlled campaign against the DC Extended Universe, and after reading his post... I am inclined to agree.

While this news may come as bit of a shock, it would certainly shed some much needed light on a great deal of negativity towards the film in recent months. Now, I know many of you will contribute my writing of this as "Another DC Fanboy defending the movie" That is not the case. If there were a smear campaign against Civil War or any other film for that matter, I'd be just as upset and just as likely to spread the word about it.

Regardless of this apparent smear campaign, that does not seem to be having much overall effect on people's excitement for the film. More and more people online seem to genuinely want to see the film after the latest trailer/TV Spots, and an unofficial tracker has BvS opening to a substantial $100-$150 million.

Please follow the links below to see for yourselves and if you feel as @Editor_Of_Steel, Jaeroar, and myself feel.....spread the word.

@Editor_Of_Steel's original post, jaeroar Youtube post


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