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It was confirmed recently that a remake of one of Stephen King's most unnervingly creepy movie adaptations, It, is expected to start filming this year.

With the right visionary at the helm and the right cast (The Revenant's Will Poulter is set to be the lead), a modern slant on an older classic can be just the tonic to scare a different generation.

Along with the clown you'd least like to see turn up to a child's birthday party, there are a number of remakes in the works that prove sometimes the old stories are the best.

If you're brave enough, take a glimpse at some of the upcoming remakes that'll leave you scared senseless:

1. 'Pet Sematary' (1989)

Another Stephen King adaptation, Pet Sematary tells the story of a family who uncovers a mystical cemetery that can revive dead pets, bringing them back to life.

Of course, there is a twist; they return, but now they're evil, and they are bloodthirsty. You'll never look at your pet the same again.

The signs for the remake are promising; director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has previously mastered the art of a horror follow up with 28 Weeks Later.

2. 'The Birds' (1963)

Alfred Hitchcock's classic transformed a collection of fairly unassuming birds from slight nuisance to the stuff of a nightmares.

Although the remake hasn't been made yet, Dutch director Diederik Van Rooijen has been given the director's chair, while Michael Bay is on board to produce. With the original being one of the most highly regarded horror films of all time, there'll be a fair amount of pressure on the remake.

3. 'The Stand' (1994)

Yup, this is another Stephen King movie. The plot centers around a random group of people who survive a governmental super flu outbreak which wipes out most of the Earth's population.

The book is expected to be adapted not only for an updated feature film, but also an eight-part mini-series. Oh, and a sequel. Maybe that'll be the last stand.

4. 'Death Note' (2006)

Based on the popular Japanese manga series, the original feature film was released in Japan in 2006. Two sequels followed in the acclaimed franchise.

Now, the US is set to reformat for a Western audience. There has been no official green light as of yet, but producer Roy Lee confirmed he was hopeful filming would begin this year.

5. 'The Crow' (1994)

The R-rated comic book movie is notorious due to the tragic accident that resulted in the death of Brandon Lee. The dark tale depicts the story of a man brought back from the dead (by a crow, of all things) to enact vengeance on those who killed him.

Unfortunately, the remake appears to be cursed, with numerous actors and directors being linked and unlinked with the leading role.

6. 'The Entity' (1982)

The original shocked audiences back in the '80s, with a story of a woman who is haunted and constantly assaulted by a mystical force.

The writing team behind The Conjuring, as well as director James Wan, are on board to entit-tain a new generation.

What horror remake are you most excited for?

Source: IMDB


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