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This month, Deadpool smashed superhero movie records when it became one of the highest-grossing R-rated comic book movies in history – since its release on February 12, it has racked in almost a whopping half a billion dollars in revenue!

Indeed, fans marveled at the hilariously witty script penned by a talented team of writers, and were taken with the ingenious marketing campaign. And that's not to even mention the love that R-rated and foul-mouthed hero Ryan Reynolds slurped up at the box office.

So, in lieu of this, here's a round-up of six other R-rated comic book movies channeling a Deadpool vibe and that are ready to cater to your sordid tastes on Netflix and HBO:

1. Blade (1998)

Where? HBO

Writer Marv Wolfman created this Marvel character all the way back in 1973, yet it was only decades later that the 'daywalker' appeared in a big screen adaptation. Wesley Snipes, who played Blade, spends most of his days and nights hunting modern-day blood-suckers in order to avenge his mother's death. Naturally, drama ensues – as shown by the trailer:

2. The Punisher (2004)

Where? Netflix

Ever since his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man in 1974, character Frank Castle has been scattering bodies right, left and center throughout the Marvel universe. In the second of the three live-action Punisher movies, he sets out to break up the Saint family – here's an insight into what's up:

3. The Crow (1994)

Where? Netflix

On the night before their wedding, a musician and his fiancé are brutally murdered by a city gang. A year later, and the artist rises from his grave, assuming the gothic vision of a Crow – a supernatural entity that carves a path of vengeance through Detroit. Actor Brandon Lee died as a victim of accidental shooting during the making of the film – here's the trailer:

4. Constantine (2005)

Where? Netflix

Suicide survivor and demon hunter John Constantine (played by Keanu Reeves) is quite literally caught between heaven and hell. Doomed to the latter due to his own attempts on his life, he attempts to regain God's goodwill with the help of policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz). Here's the a short glimpse into the supernatural chaos at hand:

5. V For Vendetta (2006)

Where? HBO

Based on the 1988 graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd, the movie is set against a futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain. The plot focuses on a young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) who is rescued from a life-threatening situation by a mysterious vigilante wearing a Guy Fawkes mask:

6. Sin City (2005)

Where? Netflix

The neo-noir comic book series was brought to life on the silver screen, starring an array of big names such as Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba. Set in the perilous back alleys of a fictional Basin City, it gives us a glimpse into the lives of the dirty cops and menacing mobs that rule the roost. Take a look:

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