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Could messages of support for Kesha also hint at older disputes? Earlier this week, singer Demi Lovato took to Twitter to express her feelings on the Kesha case, allegedly taking a little dig at Taylor Swift on the way. Taylor has kept silent, but donated $250 million to Kesha to "help with any of her financial needs during this trying time," according to one of her spokespeople.

Has The Bad Blood Been Building Up?

While Kesha has been denied her court injunction to record outside of her contract with Dr. Luke (catch up on the whole timeline here), many celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Adele, have voiced their support.

Although sources close to Taylor have maintained that her donation had nothing to do with Demi's comments, we've got reason to believe that the feud between Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato has been going on for a little while.

There Was A Time When Demi, Tay And Selena Were BFFs

Even Miley was part of the gang!
Even Miley was part of the gang!

In 2008, when Taylor still had curly hair and country vibes, she joined the girl gang started by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, who've known each other since they were 7. She also dated Joe Jonas, whose brother Nick Miley dated in 2006 and 2007.

So Demi and Tay were pretty good friends.

Was Demi Jealous Of Taylor And Selena?

In 2010, a fan asked Demi about Selena and got this as a response: "Ask Taylor!" Later that same year, Demi shortly dated Taylor's ex, Joe Jonas.

In 2013 came two others shot fired at Taylor: first when Demi said in a radio interview that a lot of celebrities "just, you know, maybe flaunt around a boyfriend and sell a couple of albums," then when she told Company that she doesn't "care about Taylor Swift's love life." That would disqualify a lot of Swift songs from Demi's playlist.

Was this the end of the Taylor-Demi friendship? Possibly to kill the rumours, Selena instagrammed a screenshot of a Facetime session between the three of them at the end of the year. But in 2014, Demi unfollowed Selena on Twitter and Instagram.

Fast Forward To Today: Are Taylor And Demi Enemies?

Fast forward to this year, and although you've got pics of Selena and Demi and tons of BFFing between Taylor and Selena, there's no sign of Demi and Taylor hanging out.

While Selena was part of Taylor's celebrity-packed Bad Blood video and Taylor essentially invited every celebrity she knows to appear on her 1989 tour, Demi admitted in an interview at the end of last year that hanging with supermodels wasn't really her thing:

“I don’t really hang out with celebrities. I’m not the type of person that’s on Instagram posting pictures of me and tons of my best friends… I don’t have anybody around me who kisses my ass.“

Which explains why we haven't seen her with the Swift Squad.

Back To This Week's Comments About Kesha

After fans started calling out Demi for throwing shade at Taylor, she answered in the comments section of Instagram:

"Not everyone has 250k to just give to people. Would love to but I didn’t grow up with money and def haven’t made as much as her… At least I speak up about shit that’s uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7”.

Looks like you can throw shade at a fellow female singer even in the middle of a debate about women empowerment.

Would you say this is a deeply rooted feud or just some casual shade throwing?

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