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Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian was very outspoken about the fact that she has not yet seen miniseries American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. This is despite the fact it features representations of both of her parents, and the controversial court case that heavily involved her family.

And with the release of the show, it seems that this wasn't the only subject she was forced to respond to.

Appearing on a live TV show Hollywood Today, the Kardashian was once again questioned about on-going rumors that O.J. Simpson could be her father. The host asked her:

"An online article came out today saying that O.J. is your dad. I mean, are you sick of it? How do you handle it?”

Responding in the best way possible, the buxom beauty joked:

“Honey. I don’t look half black to you? What? Don’t insult me. Now I know I’m pale but…"

Yet, this is not the first time that these seemingly outrageous rumors have circulated. For years, there was speculation that Khloe did not share the same biological father as her other two sisters, Kourtney and Kim.

However, recently O.J. himself stepped into the discussion when he revealed that there was absolutely no way that he was Khloe's papa. The NFL star, who is currently behind bars for armed robbery, reportedly spoke to prison guard Jeffrey Felix and breached the issue. Last last year, Felix revealed to Page Six:

"O.J. picked me out. He ended up trusting me almost as much as Al Cowlings. He said, 'You're like a brother to me.'"

Speaking of the alleged affair with Kris Jenner, O.J. apparently told him:

"I would never do that to my friend Bob. I would never tap Kris."

Do you think the rumors are true?



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