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Last week, I though this horrendous clown motel in Nevada was the most terrifying place to spend a night, but then I saw these disembodied, faceless sex mannequins hanging from their necks and realized things can get a lot, lot worse.

I stumbled across these fascinating images on Imgur this morning and my immediate thought was "can someone make a horror movie here already?!" Seriously, it has everything. Jump scares galore with those looming faces in the background, hundreds of plausible nail-biting opportunities for concealment and probably some sick perversion to boot.

Check out the snaps from the Real Dolls factory below and imagine which director you would choose the bring this potential tale of terror to life.

Ed Gein's Garage Goes High Tech

It's Like Return To Oz All Over Again

Just A Box Of Nightmares, Nothing To See Here...


The Human Creepopede


Pin Head Got Hot...

Face Off


Just Hanging Around

Shhhhhh My Pretty

Who do you think would direct the best sex doll factory horror movie?

(Source: Imgur)


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