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The streaming media giant is up for some competition from a Mexican mass media company who has decided to launch its very own online video streaming service.

Netflix Inc. has constantly been at victim of new threats, new rivals and competitors in the market – however it has never fail to defend its title, one attribute the online streaming media giant lives by. Time and time again, new online streaming platforms emerge and the streaming media company is forced to fight for its place. However, these fights have not stopped the competitors to move away from their business plans. A hot new contender has entered the market recently all the way from Mexico.

An OTT platform has been launched by Televisa by the name of Blim; the inauguration of the mass media company’s venture was announced on Monday. This new platform does not only plan to take Netflix head-on but also plans to take on another rival by the name of ClaroVideo – which is also a Mexico video streaming site.

According to Carlos Sandoval, the chief Blim stated that Televisa is one of the biggest producer and distributor of Spanish video content all across the globe – this could prove to be one of the biggest selling points of the novel video streamer.

However, it is quite possible that Blim will not be able reach the level at which Netflix is at. Mexico is more Latin American centric mainly because only 20% of the catalogues contain American titles. On the other hand, Netflix has most of the rights to Hollywood titles so it is likely that Blim will not be able to acquire the rights to most of the same titles.

So it is quite evident that the Mexican video streamer is aiming at exclusivity in comparison to Netflix as it plans to introduce original productions to its platforms. The mass media house has been working to produce shows and movies especially for the Mexican as well as Hispanic market; it does this in collaboration with Lionsgate and Univision as Televisa, the parent company of Blim, works in conjunction with these two media prodcuers.

Additionally, Netflix Inc. will not take no for an answer when it comes to expansion. It recently announced that it will be working on its latest German production by the name of Dark. The streaming media giant is calling this series a ‘family saga with a supernatural twist’. The company has initially posted a number of German shows and movies on its platform but it’s a first German production by the company itself. Since the company is on an expansion roll, it is expected that it will produce international content for all the places that it has started its service in.


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