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Wow. Doesn't watching the latest trailer for Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 make you happy that you're a gamer? This (kinda spoilery) trailer is packed with intense moments, insights into the game's narrative, witty remarks, revealing character relationships and superb action. It's everything you want from Uncharted and so much more.

But what have Naughty Dog hidden away in this little gem? Let's take a look, shall we?

Uncharted 4 Story Trailer: 10 Things We Learned

1. It's More Beautiful Than We Imagined

The graphics in Uncharted 4 are beyond anything we could have imagined. The detail on characters faces from the motion capture studio are sublime. The sprawling cities, the wild safaris, the endless oceans and the explosive battle situations have us captivated and begging for the game's release date.

2. We'll Be Exploring Nathan's Childhood

Several sections of the trailer depict Nathan Drake and his long-lost brother Sam as kids. The two are seen exploring, pouring over maps and embarking on exciting adventures. The trailer also nicely links the past and the present with a shot of the two brothers on a motorcycle. With this in mind, it seems that we'll be getting deep insight into Nathan's childhood, his character and possibly also playing as him at a young age. What will it reveal?

Nathan and Sam as kids.
Nathan and Sam as kids.

3. Are We Going to Ireland?

There's a shot in the trailer that sees Nathan and Sam wandering through a foggy and dark landscape. Behind them you can see a Celtic cross on a small mound. Could this be Ireland? Being from Ireland myself, I'd love to venture home in Uncharted 4. But there's a lot of snow in the background, perhaps they're in Scotland or more a northern European country?

The Pirate Every that Nathan is tracking in Uncharted 4 was born in the UK's West Country and during his Navy service got involved with the Nine Year's War which saw some action in Ireland and Scotland. Could be possible.

4. We're Probably Going to Africa

One of the most beautiful shots in the trailer sees the two brothers pull up in front of a beautiful view of a wide open Savannah in what appears to be Africa. Every is also known to have visited Africa, so perhaps the boys are following his adventures.

Uncharted 4's villain
Uncharted 4's villain

5. Our New Villain

The trailer sees this man talking with Nathan Drake in two locations. He says numerous things to him that sound a lot like lines that a villain would say, therefore it's safe to assume that this guy will be our main antagonist in Uncharted 4.

6. Massive Open Areas

Uncharted 4 seems to be offering gameplay possibilities that we've never seen before. We'll be swimming in the depths of the ocean in what appears to be a huge area. We'll be exploring enormous canyons, wide open plains and tall mountains. Every landscape type we've seen in Uncharted will be in Uncharted 4, but the scope is far larger.

Who are you, sir?
Who are you, sir?

7. Dad?

This man bears a striking resemblance to Nathan's brother Sam. Do you see it? Perhaps the whole family will be getting back together in Uncharted 4. Though Nathan's parentage is questionable, we didn't know he had a brother either. Perhaps this is Sam's dad and Nathan and Sam aren't blood relatives? Who knows?!

8. Nathan Abandoning His Friends?

The trailer seems to be hinting at a narrative that involves Nathan's commitment to his brother and his friends. We see Elena upset saying, "If you're done lying to me then you can stop lying." We also hear Sam say, "No offence to these guys, they don't get it" as the trailer shows Sam and Sully. Perhaps Sam will pull Nathan away from his friends and create a rift. Maybe he'll have to make a sacrifice he isn't ready to make.

Poor Nate.
Poor Nate.

9. Nathan Doesn't Want This Life Anymore

We see numerous moments in the trailer that depict Nathan's unwillingness to go along on this adventure with his brother. We see Sully try and talk Sam out of it, we see Elena upset about his decisions, we see Nathan actually turn his brother down and we also see Sam offer to let his brother leave. Perhaps his big brother is drawing him into something he wants no part of. Can we trust him?

10. It's Going to Be Amazing


Did you notice anything in the new trailer for Uncharted 4? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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