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Netflix announced at the Mobile World Congress event that it will release HDR programming in a few months.

Netflix Inc. is all set to mark history in the online video streaming domain every now and then. The company recently revealed its ambitious plan for the global expansion of its streaming platform. It is looking to expand its reach in almost all parts of the world by the end of this year. It already made history when Netflix launched in nearly 130 countries at once in January 2016. Now as sources suggest, the internet TV firm's main emphasis is on what is said to be the one of the key aspects of its business and success: content.

The streaming giant has revealed more plans at the Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona last week. It described in detail about what the viewers should expect from Netflix this year. A major chunk of this ‘plan’ revolves around producing more original shows and improving its mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore, the company will also be looking to support the high dynamic range (HDR) programming in the near future.

The streaming service provider does not hold back its excitement when it comes to HDR programming. For that matter, it has plans to proceed on this technology this year. The user interface innovation's Vice President at Netflix, Chris Jaffe, said in a statement, “We started exploring HDR content about one year ago. It is the [obvious] next-level resolution in the playback experience.”

In the coming times, it is expected that Netflix will release a couple HDR shows on its platform, which will be available to stream for all users. The first ones to make the list will be season one of Marco Polo and Daredevil season two, which is also currently one of the most awaited series.

Chris Jaffe and Netflix know that it will not be an easy task considering the size of internet bandwidth required for such high quality video content. Hence, he added that the firm has already experimented on several compression algorithms that somehow calibrate the quality of the video based on its complexity and still serve it up at a high resolution.

If a user has an excellent 15-20 Mbps internet connection, he/she would face minimum buffering while streaming. Apart from the HDR, the company has Ultra HD content up on its sleeves as well. It plays a major role in its strategy too when it comes to competing against its domestic and international competitors. Netflix announced that it would release nearly 300 hours of 4K programming this year.

Netflix already revealed to double its original programming last year and it will now release nearly 31 shows, including the new seasons of ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the new Black’. Ten original documentaries and movies for kids are also expected to release this year on the streaming platform. Chris Jaffe adds, “[We have] 75 million members around the world; essentially that means 75 million different experiences.”


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