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These days it seems like there's a channel for everything. There's a channel for cooking, for pets, for history...There's even a channel that used to be for awesome music videos that they turned into a s***storm of reality television! With all these different channels that exist, it's hard to believe that people have trouble finding something good to watch on T.V. So here are some great shows you've got to see.

1. Firefly (created by Joss Whedon, 2002-2003)

What an amazing, emotional, one season ride this was. Having heard some bad remarks, I avoided this show with all my power until I found it on Netflix. With the exception of the short lived time of this show, it is absolutely excellent. Joss Whedon created such a good but under-rated show. Everything from the action to the lore, to the score of each episode. It's story never really reaches a dull moment, it just seems to always throw a curve ball just when you think it's about to be safe. If you get caught up in binge watching the entire season in one day (like me, sadly) fret not! The movie Serenity picks up where the series left off, and might I add, oh boy it picks up quickly. It feels like this show really should have gotten a second season but it's okay Joss. We understand you went on to bigger things and we still love you man. Just bring back Firefly.

2. Chuck (created by Chris Fedak, Josh Shwartz, 2007-2012)

This show had the perfect blend of comedy and drama. The characters are all memorable, and Adam Baldwin hits it right on the head again. He just has that rugged secondary character thing about him. All typecasting aside, over the course of this great 91 episode show, you really start to grow with each of the characters. It's hard to watch this show and be in a bad mood, so if you're ever feeling down throw on an episode of Chuck! Not to mention, Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) have some real chemistry. This show is a must see, and can also be found on that beautiful thing called Netflix. So what are you waiting for? You've got 5 seasons of Chuck at your fingertips!

3. House of Cards (Netflix Original)

Cold, calculating, manipulative, ruthless. Kevin Spacey absolutely owns the role of Frank Underwood. For a show about politics, this is particularly gripping. This show may not be for everyone, but it's definitely intelligent and very dramatic. Every conflict has real impact, much more than you'd expect. The performances in this show are just perfect. If you enjoy a smart drama, this is absolutely the show for you.

4. Flaked (Netflix Original)

Man, can you tell that Netflix runs my life yet? Flaked is one of those shows you can put back in a day. But this one season had me hooked from the moment I began watching. It's got comedy, romance, and awkwardness galore. It's a fantastically made show, driven by it's main character's flaws. It's a hard slice of real life and I think it can really resonate with people on an emotional level. There's a funny thing they say about life and this show says it very well. Life's a b****

5. LOVE (created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, Paul Rust, 2016-)

This show is charming and funny. It's got a strange way of developing chemistry between characters but watching the performances are well worth it. It's like every character just meshes together to make this perfect little ball of film. Okay maybe that's not the best way to word it but this show has some real feeling to it. Although there is only one season out as of now, it's definitely worth the watch.

6. Jessica Jones (created by Melissa Rosenberg, 2015-)

Sex! Drama! Punching! Sarcasm! Breaking things! More Sex! Never before have I found a Marvel show more entertaining and visually gripping. Agents of SHIELD has picked up, and Daredevil is a masterpiece, but Jessica Jones....Where do I even begin? The story is great, it's the perfect blend of darkness and drama, secrets around every single corner. Just when you think you've figured somebody out, your perception is ripped apart and rearranged in an instant. The protagonists are amazing. Comic book fans will enjoy seeing characters like Luke Cage and Patsy Walker make appearances. Not to mention the villain! David Tennant takes his role as Kilgrave above and beyond. The infamous Purple Man's powers are well presented and approached in such a way that you just have to see it for yourself.

7. The Following (created by Kevin Williamson, 2013-2015)

Nevermore. Such a haunting word, so fitting for such a haunting show. This show is the perfect blend of drama and action. It's a wild thrill ride, filled with more twists and turns than I can count on both hands. Every episode leaves you craving for the next 40 minutes of drama. Although some would say it's hard to get through the first few episodes, once you do there's no going back. Two sides of the same coin, Detective Ryan Hardy and serial killer Joe Carroll have a batman-joker relationship. Their dynamic drives the plot forward, secretly weaving twists right under your nose as you watch. This is a show that really keeps you on your toes, something you really need to pay attention to the entire time. Next time you're looking for a dark, focused drama to watch, look no further than The Following.

What TV shows do you think more people should watch? Let me know in the comments below!


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