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Marvel Studios has produced hit after hit in their cinematic universe, and, with the addition of Spider-Man to their roster, the list of great heroes seems to be growing. But what's a huge roster of heroes without a huge roster of equally great bad guys for them to thwart? Apart from Loki Marvel seems to really be struggling to find with a villain that can actually hold a solid MCU position. Here are some villains that should absolutely have some regular screen time:

1. The Enchantress

While some may argue the Thor universe doesn't need another villain, the MCU is in dire need of some gender diversity. They've got Black Widow and Scarlet Witch (and hopefully soon Wasp) but there aren't any strong female villains. Considering that Thor basically smashes through his opposition with his hammer makes Enchantress an even more appealing pick because she can't simply be smashed away. She's extremely skilled in trickery and sorcery, which would make her a threat to any of the heroes currently in the MCU.

2. Annihilus

If any villain could threaten the livelihood of every being in the universe, it's Annihilus. Although originally a foe of the Fantastic 4, he lead a charge known as the 'Annihilation Wave' that nearly lead to him ruling the entire universe. Introducing the armored insect-like ruler of the Negative Zone could open up so many doors for the MCU. After the events of Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 we're going to need another strong villain— what better story to follow than that of Annihilus?

3. Kang The Conquerer

Also known as Rama-Tut, Immortus, and Iron Lad, Kang is much more than your typical villain. His ambition and hunger for power knows no bounds, he's not limited by space or even time. A truly powerful villain like this could be exactly what the next phase of films needs. Considering the next The Avengers is going to need a new big villain to fight, Kang could be the one!

4. Kraven The Hunter

Again looking to the world of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Kraven would be the perfect villain. Given the unimpressive run of previous villains who squared off against the web swinger, we could use something refreshing. Kraven strays away from the typical "I'm going to kill you because I'm evil" and brings a new vision. He has been one of Spider-Man's greatest foes since their first encounter in 1964's The Amazing Spider-man #15. He'd be the perfect for for Spider-Man in his upcoming solo film. If Marvel wants to throw in a second villain (as is the pattern), why not Kraven's own half brother Chameleon? He offers so many options.

5. Mandarin (The real one)

2013's Iron Man 3 was a box office hit, making over a billion dollars. However, the portrayal of Mandarin was actually not THE Mandarin. Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley's character) was just an actor hired by Aldrich Killian to distract Iron Man from his experiments involving extremis. According to the Marvel one-shot, All Hail The King, the real Mandarin is still at large. Having been a villain of Iron Man, and the fact that Tony Stark may not have many roles left, Mandarin might seem like a long shot. He has however faced the likes of The Avengers and even the X-Men. So say he's not too happy about what was done under the guise of his name and he decides to act on his rage? With the upcoming addition of Doctor Strange and the more recent Scarlet Witch, maybe his magic rings are no longer such a stretch — Mandarin could prove to be a more than worthy adversary for the next team of Avengers if needed.

6. Dormammu

Speaking of Doctor Strange, Dormammu would be the perfect addition to the MCU. If Doctor Strange is going to become a big part of the upcoming phase, it only makes sense to include this one. Dormammu has appeared in six decades of Marvel since making his debut in the silver age of comics. He is immensely powerful and chock-full of evil intent. He doesn't need to appear in the first film the sorcerer supreme will appear in, but to be included eventually would be a smart decision. Hailing from an alternate dimension, Dormammu's power could give the next phase of Marvel films a much-needed scare.

7. Carnage

Cletus Kasady just can't seem to find a place in the cinematic universe, despite the many times Spider-Man has been rebooted and portrayed in film. It almost feels like the studios are afraid to include him for some reason (couldn't be the murderous streak could it?). Carnage is a villain that fans all over the world are screaming out for. Of course it may be a bit challenging to portray the serial killer in a film that isn't rated R, but with characters like Wolverine making a name for themselves without the rating, this seems like it's entirely possible. We've seen Venom already, let's see some Carnage please! Although my personal choice for a potential Spider-Man villain lies heavily in Kraven The Hunter, Carnage would be an excellent choice and sure to please the fans. Matthew McConaughey or Jackie Earle Haley would be perfect for the role, although the latter is already associated with The Watchmen.

3 honorable mentions:

1. Super Skrull

Certain copyright laws prevent Marvel Studios from using the Skrulls in their film universe. If that were to ever be resolved, or if the Fantastic 4 was ever given back to Marvel, the Skrulls would make an excellent addition to the MCU.

2. Mysterio

Yet another Spider-Man villain that so desperately needs to appear in a film is one member of the original Sinister Six. Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and Electro have already appeared, and Vulture was teased in an end credits scene. If Mysterio were to appear, there could even be potential for a Sinister Six movie.

3. Fin Fang Foom

What an incredible villain, I mean who doesn't love dragons? He was shown briefly in an Easter Egg in Iron Man 2, but was never really given a chance to dominate the big screen. If Mandarin makes an appearance maybe we can expect to see Fin Fang Foom as well? Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

What Marvel villains do you want to see hit the cinematic universe?


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