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Following the massive hit known as Deadpool, 20th Century Fox has begun laying the foundation of future films. They've set dates for two (as of now untitled) superhero films in October 6th 2017 and January 12th 2018.

This of course may mark the end of our current Wolverine, the great Hugh Jackman. His last outing as Wolverine may be a rated R film! But what happens to the character when he has to hang up the claws? Here are some actors that could play the angry mutant.

1. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor, not to mention he can definitely pull off the grizzled warrior type. I believe he'd bring a more anti-hero role to the character, a step away from Jackman's genuinely good guy type (despite the sarcasm). Tom Hardy has already participated in a superhero film and he played that role exceptionally well. So he's got the look and the acting chops, I think he'd make a great Wolverine if they were to reboot the character.

2. Joel Edgerton

He isn't a young, fresh face but if Fox wants to capitalize on the hardened veteran side of Wolverine, Edgerton has what they need. Having played in movies like Warrior and Zero Dark Thirty, he's done more than prove that he can bring a sort of intensity to his characters. He's also got credit as director of The Gift, which means he could have a role in helping to direct the movie as well.

3. Liam Hemsworth

The 26 year old Hunger Games star may not be the first person people would look to when it comes to casting the next Wolverine. However, he can bring us a much younger version of the character (Jackman was just out of his 30's when he first took the role), and if Fox is planning on using the younger versions of other mutants, why not follow suit? Given the success his brother has achieved as Thor, it's a wonder why Liam hasn't taken into a superhero role. Maybe a young Wolverine could be his time to shine?

4. Kit Harington

Game of Thrones fans back me up here. Kit Harington has got some acting chops. Another plus is he's 5'6", much closer to Wolverine's height in the comics, which may please some of the hardcore fans. His popularity in the HBO series is no surprise, he is without a doubt a good actor. I feel like he has the ruggedness and could really bring a morally "gray" version of the character to life. He's also got a much younger face than Jackman, maybe he could fit into the role of a young Wolverine alongside the other X-Men.

5. Norman Reedus

Like it or not, his time on The Walking Dead is likely to come to an untimely end. Norman Reedus has already proven himself to be a motorcycle driving badass that can clearly hold his own in a fight. That being said, I believe he could bring a more feral side of the character, more brutal. This would provide the studio with the opportunity to really capitalize on the berserker rage Wolverine. All typecasting aside, Norman Reedus has the qualities that would make a great replacement for Hugh Jackman.

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Although he's certainly not he most obvious choice, he is absolutely a fantastic actor. He has proven time and time again that he can really dive into any role he's given, making each character his own. Need any more proof? Go watch the trailer for Southpaw and then why not, check out Nightcrawler. The wide difference between the two characters he portrayed is proof enough of his acting range. The next actor to take the role should make their Wolverine different from Hugh Jackman's and Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect for it. If the studio wants a new Wolverine, look no further.

7. An Unknown!

This may come off as a cheap answer but hear me out. Maybe the next Wolverine hasn't been discovered as of yet. Hugh Jackman himself has even stated that an unknown actor should play Wolverine. This is the perfect chance to find a young new actor that could break into the movie scene with a powerful role like this. Whoever ends up being cast as the next Wolverine when Hugh Jackman hangs up his adamantium claws in 2017 will hopefully deliver us another great version of this loved character.

Who do you think should play the next Wolverine? Let me know in the comments below!


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