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Unparalleled Horror and Dramatic writer Stephen King's early short story "I am the Doorway" is being prepped for production in 2016.

You think you've read all King's work? don't be silly, not everything has been put together in those beautiful short story collections.

His early work which he used to submit to magazines like Dude and Cavalier is still somewhat unknown to most. To think of this hungry writer trying to make anything of a living in this way is humbling to the all online blogger's today.

No name drop on the cover.....
No name drop on the cover.....

Enough waffle, Here's The Plot:

After a journey to investigate desolate Pluto, astronaut Arthur returns home a shattered man. He sees eyes forcing their way through the skin of his hands, eyes that distort his friends and the landscape itself into monstrous visions. Believing himself the doorway to alien invasion and gruesome murder, he must take desperate action.

That's some hand to eye co-ordination....
That's some hand to eye co-ordination....

and here's the official production blurb:

“I Am The Doorway,” a shocking science-fiction/horror Short, is based on the chilling Stephen King story and fully authorized by the author.

It has been adapted by Jeffrey Stackhouse, Richard A. Becker & Wendy Lashbrook, a multi-award-winning screenwriting team based in the US, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things horror.

From their original pitch for the adaptation: “... a movie in the tradition of Argento and Cronenberg, a film of beautiful colors and gorgeous wide-screen set pieces, which frame a brutal and devastating horror.”

There's really nothing creepier and more disturbing then a body horror movie as we've all suffered from colds and other ailments which are beyond our control. If they're going for a Cronenberg twist, i'm in!

Head over to their official Indiegogo page for more info and video's

High 5!
High 5!

Think i'll throw in a couple of dollars myself as it sounds like a highly skilled team and almost anything from the pen of Stephen King is worth seeing on film.

In fact! where's my adaption of Stephen King's "N"?

If you haven't heard of that one then see below if you don't fancy sleeping tonight :)


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