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We're reaching the final countdown now towards the highly anticipated [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), set to release next month and unleash the titular DC juggernaut showdown upon the world.

Based partly on Frank Miller's 1986 The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel - which sees an older Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement as Batman and eventually facing off against Superman who has been sent by the President himself to stop Batman's reign of vigilante justice - Batman vs Superman will eventually see the two heroes teaming up, leading to the formation of the Justice League.

But some comics, when you take them out of the time from which they were created, don't translate over too well into contemporary media and slang. Our favourite example remains to be 1950s Joker ranting on about his boner:


Speaking of 1950s DC comics, the very first team up between Batman and Superman happened during this time period, and it was almost as weird as the Joker's boner gaffe.

Superman Vol 1, 76

In Superman Vol 1, 76 - The Mightiest Team on Earth - the two Justice League members end up embarking on a cruise together, and the shenanigans just get wackier from here on out.

After effectively wiping out crime in Gotham by catching the last criminal on Gotham's most wanted list Bruce Wayne decides to treat himself to a well deserved holiday whilst Robin pops off to visit some relatives elsewhere in the state. Superman's mild mannered alter ego, Clark Kent, is also heading off a cruise on the ship Varania, the very same cruise that Bruce Wayne is booked onto...

The plot thickens. Due to booking a few too many people onto the ship some passengers are forced to double up and share cabins. And guess who Clark Kent gets buddied up with? That's right, it's Bruce Wayne. Although you'd think someone as rich and influential as Bruce would be able to swing a cabin for himself, I guess he decided not to rock the boat (literally).

Of course the most stressful part of this scenario for the two men is the fear that the other will learn the truth of their secret identity (this is the first time they've met as their alter egos), but hey i'm sure nothing will go wrong on this cruise, right?

Wrong. A jewel thief explodes a tanker and starts a fire out on the docks in order to cover his escape and the two heroes need to change into their superhero guises to go after him. But what to do! They're in the same room together!

Nailed. It.
Nailed. It.

Unfortunately light shines through the window and they see each other in their superhero get ups. No time to laugh this off though, Lois Lane is on the docks and in danger! So they agree to hash it out later and zip off to the rescue. Batman rescues Lois from the flames and they figure out that the jewel thief is one of the passengers travelling aboard the ship, so it's detective time!

In order to keep Lois occupied (silly women) they decide to pretend that Batman is into her and Clark is jealous about that, but apparently they're crap actors cause she begins to suspect that the two are in fact Batman and Superman. Anyway, they eventually capture the jewel thief and Batman celebrates by doing gymnastics for the enjoyment of the cruise ship passengers (I wish we were joking).

Way to be subtle Bruce
Way to be subtle Bruce

Let's hope they leave that part in for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which releases in the US March 25, 2016.

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