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Riley Hartman

Squirrel Girls real name is Doreen Green, She was born in Los Angeles, California. She first showed up in Marvel Super-Heroes #8: Winter Special (1992). She has Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes; small claws and enlarged incisors; retractable knuckle spike; semi-prehensile tail; empathic bond with squirrels, like Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe, can communicate with squirrels.

She has a belt that holds many pouches for her nuts, which she can consume for extra energy. She found out about her connection with squirrels when she was escaping the taunts of her fellow school students regarding her physical mutation. Doreen Green fled into the nearby woods where she quickly discovered her affinity for squirrels. She idealized Iron-Man which made her to decide to fight crime with her powers.

Now that she was a crime fighter she found Iron-man when she moved to new york to became his partner. But Iron-man declined many times, So then she became a highly skilled Agents of Shield member. Oh she also defeated the mad titan named Thanos.


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