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Well, that was short. Not that I expected Nintendo's latest Direct to eat up an hour of my time, but I suppose 5 minutes was a little underwhelming too. I guess I just miss Saturo Iwata. *heavy sigh* You're very much missed you wonderful man.

In any case, Nintendo revealed on Friday that 2016 was to receive two new installments in the beloved Pokemon franchise: Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun. The two will be released for the Nintendo 3DS during the Holiday season. Aside from that, we didn't hear much else. However, Nintendo were excited to announce that we'd finally be able to do something with Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow that hasn't been possible up until their release on the 3DS.

Pokemon Moon & Sun Will Connect With Red, Blue & Yellow

Nintendo Red, Blue & Yellow
Nintendo Red, Blue & Yellow

While these three aren't revolutionary on the 3DS, the sense of overwhelming nostalgia you experience while playing them is heartwarming. Seeing the classic Dr. White welcome you to his Training Centre, or saying goodbye to your mum before your adventure begins is enough to unleash a plethora of emotions. Seeing little Pikachu follow me around in Pokemon Yellow is something I really needed in life.

But there's one thing that has never been available with Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, and that's the ability to transfer your Pokemon from one game to another. Nintendo stated that it was simply impossible with Game Boy hardware. However, their release on the 3DS marks the moment when all of the games connect with one another. You can play Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow all year and eventually transfer them over to Pokemon Moon and Sun this Holiday season. YAY!

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow 2DS'
Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow 2DS'

Sadly, we don't know much about Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Sun right now. The Nintendo Direct failed to satisfy fans with gameplay or even screenshots from the new game. Sure, we saw 2 brief seconds of a Pokemon building and a 3D rendering of one of the beloved creatures, but that's not really all that much. Though I suppose we should simply celebrate the arrival of another Pokemon game, huh?

Pokemon Moon & Sun To Release Holiday 2016

So, are you excited to get your hands on these new games? Do you think that the recently revealed Pokemon, like Magearna, will feature on the game's release date? Let us know where you stand in the comments below, Pokemon fans!


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