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Yesterday, several news outlets reported on a trademark filling for two brand new titles named "Sun and Moon". Today, on Japan's 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, Nintendo officially announced Pokemon Sun and Moon!

It's been 20 years today since the original Pokemon Red and Green were released in Japan, with Japan dubbing February 27th "Pokemon Day". To kick off the celebrations, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct live stream announcing the new 7th Generation titles. We were also granted a brief look at the production of the new titles and a brief look at a possible new Pokemon!

Could this be our new regional bird type?
Could this be our new regional bird type?

That's not all! Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available to download tomorrow through the Nintendo EShop as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations!

But wait, there's even more! Since the 3rd generation moved the the Game Boy Advanced, Pokemon captured during the 1st and 2nd could not be transferred over. That is until now! By downloading the EShop titles, you will be able to transfer your Pokemon caught in Red, Blue and Yellow to Pokemon Bank and then transfer them to Pokemon Sun and Moon!

While we gleefully celebrate over these announcements, there's still one question that needs answered...

What happened to Pokemon Z?

Fans were certain Nintendo were going to release Pokemon Z, or Pokemon X2 and Y2, as the sequel to X and Y. After all, every generation got its own sequel with Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum and Black and White 2, so where is Z? We got announcements of new Zygarde forms, so the announcement for Z seemed imminent, but now it looks like Generation 6 will be the first to leave out the much loved sequels. Guess we now only have Sun and Moon to focus on now!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled to be released around the Holiday Season 2016!


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