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The Walking Dead has been a huge hit since it debuted in 2010. The comic books have been around even longer than that, and are still going. While the show breaks off from the comic books a good bit, there are a couple of things that remain the same: One of those things being repetitiveness.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate The Walking Dead in any way, shape, or form. That being said, I'm also not a die-hard fan. AMC's The Walking Dead had me hooked for the first 2 seasons. I sat down every Sunday to watch the shocking situations that happened to Rick and the gang of survivors. After the second season, however, that changed.

The third season finds the group taking refuge in a prison. The prison itself is a fine setting. It is large and proves the group with protection, whenever The Governor isn't attacking. My issue with the third season, however, is that it solidified the formula of "hold that thought" on The Walking Dead. See, "hold that thought" is what I refer to as the situations where characters are discussing an important issue, such as what to do next, but are interrupted by walkers or other survivors showing up. "Hold that thought" showed up before season 3, but season 3 locked it into place. Inside the prison, Rick and the group find inmates who had managed to survive. They disagree on terms, leading to arguments, but agree to go out together and clear one of the wings so that they may live separately from each other.

"People arguing and then zombies attack" is a very repetitive situation. While the details of these events can change, such as where they are or what they argue about, it's always the same at face level. This had me in a rut for the majority of the third and fourth season. Season 5 improved on this, and added some very important main and assisting character deaths to the formula. Every season has its deaths, of course, but the fifth season's deaths really stuck with me. Noah, Tyreese, Beth, Officer Gorman (let's face it, he deserved it.)

I haven't seen any of Season 6 yet, but from what I've heard it looks promising. Whether you like The Walking Dead or not, there is no denying it has high production value and is still one of the highest viewed shows at the moment. Here's to you, AMC, for getting your hands on the rights to one of the most captivating shows on television.


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