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Upcoming Video Editor from the good ol US of A!

Story: When a unknown alien bio weapon fuses to the body of young 15 year old Samuel Locklear, he must discover how to cope with these new powers and protect the ones he loves from the dark forces these new abilities has brought upon them.

I came up with this idea back in sophomore year of high school. It is built on the classic teenager/super hero concept except in a hyper realistic world much like ours. If the world found out about something or someone with abilities far beyond that of mortal men we would fear that force and attempt to take it out. It also drives the notion of a child being forced to fight in a out galactic war. Post Traumatic stress should be more popular in the super hero world and my character drives from that strongly.

His super powers range from super strength, Flight, enhanced stamina, plasma blast from hands. I hope you all love the concept enough to view our book once we are doing writing it. if you love it then we will start a comic.


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