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Agents of Shield Fan Fiction:

“A Slugs Life”

(on Maveth...before the portal closed)

"Mr. Ward, do you want to live ? Of course you do. I want to live. We don't have much time. I'm going to need you not to fight me. Allow me to take over and control you, and we both can live."

(he rolled his head just enough to see the slug, like parasite, edging quite quickly towards him and nodded ever so slightly.)

"Your species, above all others, value self-preservation. Thrive, on it, really. You will feel no pain. Actually, you'll feel nothing, ever again. You will, however, inherit an immense amount of knowledge...and...power. Though I'll be in control, I will leave you aware. You will be able to make...some...decisions. A show of my appreciation."

(the slug slid into his ear...the initial sensation was nauseating, he wretched. Then he felt nothing. Just as suddenly, he knew everything. Memories were shared in an instant. The pain was gone, no, repaired. He stood, broke his shackles, and just as the portal was closing, he jumped into the air and slipped through just as it swirled shut. On the other side, the castle was coming down around him. He jumped as the ground beneath him exploded and was blown a half mile away from the force of it. He rose up, brushed himself off and took inventory. No pain...and the hand of the man who killed him. Stepping onto the road, a pair of headlights fell on him. He recognized the passenger immediately and thought...)...

"Time to finish it."


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