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Moviepilot gave me the awesome opportunity to go and see Eddie The Eagle the other night and I have nothing but positive things to say about this film.

Upon entering the theatre, didn't know much about the film other than it being based off a true story about a man and his goal to enter the Olympics. I knew that Taron Egerton was in the film and his performance completely blew me away. Egerton's resemblance to Eddie's character in the film was uncanny. See for yourself:

The story of Eddie Edwards journey to his success is inspiring. Eddie's determination to continue pushing forward when everyone around him constantly told him that he couldn't do it and that he should stop is so inspirational.

Hugh Jackman played Eddie's coach, Bronson Peary, and delivered his role perfectly. The dynamic between both of these characters was definitely different, but it worked amazingly well. With Eddie's positivity and determination and Peary's bad-ass attitude, the two are an unlikely match made in heaven. It works for these characters, both learned a lot about themselves by working together.

This film isn't just for sports fans. Eddie The Eagle is the feel-good film of the year. It's witty, uplifting, and inspiring. This film will make you feel empowered and remind you that with hard work and determination, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Eddie was constantly told since he was a child that he should give up and stop trying. Eddie refused and found it within himself that he wanted to prove everyone wrong. One thing that Eddie said in the movie that stuck with me after leaving the theatre was that, "the best feeling in the world is proving someone wrong" and I couldn't agree more.

This film is going to leave you feeling inspired and determined and conclude that with hard work and determination, you're dreams can become a reality.

'Eddie The Eagle' is out in theatres today!


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