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It's insane to believe that Pokemon is twenty years old. I have the best memories ever of waking up on Christmas morning to tear open my copy of Pokemon Red. With the acclaimed franchise hitting its 20th Anniversary, the company pulled out all the stops in its campaign and announcements including a pretty spectacular ad during the Super Bowl:

With the celebration underway this weekend, let's cover the big announcements that have come from Pokemon this week!

Red/Blue/Yellow in the Nintendo eShop

Sadly, us Americans won't be able to get our hands on these colorful versions of the Nintendo 2DS, which will have the games pre-loaded on the console. However on February 27th, all three original versions of Pokemon will be available to buy on your 3DS for just $10. The games have not been refurbished, this is merely a port, but all the more reason it shall tickle the inner nostalgia feels.

A New Game!

Upon releasing this (yet another nostalgic) video package of playing Pokemon through the years, the company officially announced that the newest games will be titled Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. News of the titles leaked out yesterday from the UK press, but it was nice to see some glimpses of concept art and the new pocket monsters that will be appearing. How will it differ from X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? Only time will tell.

Port your Red/Blue/Yellow Team to Sun/Moon!

A feature introduced in Pokemon X/Y called Pokemon Bank will also carry over into Red/Blue/Yellow. With Pokemon Bank, for a yearly fee of $5 you are able to store up to 5000 Pokemon caught in previous games and transfer them into your Pokemon Moon/Sun party. It's a pretty nifty feature for the savvier trainer willing to shell out a few bucks, and it seems worth it. Amazing the times we live in, especially when you remember that game link cable!

That's it for the big announcements. Events are taking place in both Japan and in the States on February 27th, including giveaways/prizes/new merch. Check out the official website for more info! I leave you with a crappy taped copy of the original VHS meant to entice us kiddies to catch 'em all.


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