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Im a big movie buff!! I watch a lot of movies

#1. Perfect choice of cast

Taron Egerton who played Eddie Edwards was outstanding. At the young age of 26 he is an up and coming actor with lots of potential. He has only been in a few movies, but the movies I have seen him in I thought he played his parts well. He played Eddie perfectly he put on the thick glasses and stepped right into playing this dorky and unlikely hero very believably.

Hugh Jackman plays Bronson Peary, a one time ski jump hotshot who became a snow plow driver with a flask as a permanent accessory. Jackman played this role flawlessly. You felt bad for the guy because he’s a drunk who could have been the best ski jumper. You also start to admire his character too because he wanted to change his ways and help Eddie out. In my opinion, no matter what type of role Jackman plays, he always does a good job.

Christopher Walken plays Warren Sharp who coached Hugh Jackman’s character when he was younger. Walken’s role is a small one but, as always he’s a incredible actor. Always nice to see him in a movie even if it’s a small role.

Jo Hartley & Keith Allen, who played Eddies parents, also did a good job and both were really funny.

#2. Great story about the underdog

I love movies where I’m rooting for the underdog. Right from the beginning of the movie I was rooting for Eddie. Several people throughout the movie didn’t believe in him and despite the odds being against him and the disbelief in his abilities, he had the courage to keep trying. His never give up attitude is what I loved about him. He had a dream to get to the Olympics and nothing was going to stop him from getting there.

#3. Chemistry

Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman are great together. They have a real chemistry. I loved both of their characters in the movie and see those two together was awesome. It was a perfect choice of casting that led to this perfect chemistry. Go see this movie! You won’t regret it! I loved it and I’m so glad I saw it!


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