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Rob Harris

This year will mark Resident Evil's 20th anniversary and Capcom are keen to make the most of the milestone, bringing their (mostly stellar) back catalogue to current consoles.

The last three numbered games in the series are headed to the PS4, though it's not clear whether they'll be simple ports or full blown remakes in the vein of Resident Evil 2's upcoming revival.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

The games are due for periodic release throughout the year: 6 in March, 5 in the summer and 4 in the fall.

RE6 will hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live stores for $20 and planned physical versions will apparently follow. If you missed out on them the first time round, this'll be a good excuse to jump in and face off against the zombie hordes. Unless of course you haven't played 6, in which case you should probably keep it that way.

What's your favorite Resident Evil game?


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