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Recently news broke that the highly anticipated film 'Justice League Part One', would begin filming on April 11 of 2016. Now, its working title - this is a title that movies use while filming, mainly to not have curious people around leaking content but usually, the name given to the production has something to do with what's actually in the film - has been revealed and it's... really interesting:


A lot of people (including myself) believed Darkseid to be the main villain for the first Justice League movie, and that could still very well be the case, but if this working title is anything to go by, it might reveal another legendary adversary for the super hero group:


For those who are confused as to why the title of "caveman" would have anything to do with this villain, Vandal Savage is an immortal being who has lived thousands and thousands of years and he was, originally, a caveman named Vandar Adg, who was granted immortality by a strange meteorite.

While Savage is not as well-known of a villain as Darkseid or even Brainiac, he is a formidable opponent both because of his immortality and simple detachment from other human beings and has been featured in several media related to the Justice League. He has appeared in the Justice League animated series by Bruce Timm, Justice League: Doom (animated film) and is currently the main villain in The Cw's Legends of Tomorrow (picture below).

While some may be disappointed at the possibility of him being the main villain, he is a formidable foe (s stated above) and let's not forget the film is not called 'Justice League: PART ONE' for no reason... or maybe it is... I don't know why they title things the way they're titled anymore since 'Batman V Superman (Seriously, what is up with that?)'.

Do YOU think the working title is hinting at Vandal Savage or is simply an in-joke or an unrelated word to throw people off?


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