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Freeheld is a true story about a woman with terminal cancer securing a future for her female partner despite prejudice. In 2015, Peter Sollett brought the story to life, casting Julianne Moore as Laurel Hester and Ellen Page as Stacie Andree.

The film is based around the true story of Laurel Hester, a decorated police detective that, when diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, wanted her partner to be able to keep their house when she passed. Unfortunately, Laurel Hester passed away in 2006, but not before becoming a huge figure in the fight for gay rights.

Freeheld starts with Stacie and Laurel's meeting and continues on from there. It's such a heartbreaking story, and it's brought to the screens with beauty and accuracy by the director, and by Page and Moore.

The acting in this film was amazing, and really showed the progressing relationship between Stacie and Laurel. It was very believable and heart-breaking to watch them go from strangers, to being in love, to lastly trying to battle their way through tough discrimination.

Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in 'Freeheld'
Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in 'Freeheld'

This film circles around the theme of discrimination and homophobia as the two of them learn to deal with the unfairness of the way they're being treated. However, as the film progresses, and with the help of others, they both realise that they don't have to be treated differently and that they can have the same relationship as a heterosexual couple. This empowers them to fight for equality, and to be treated the same as other couples.

Freeheld was an incredibly impactful tearjerker because of the way they progressed Laurel's cancer and showed how all she wanted from the rest of her short life was to leave her partner with a bright future. Ellen Page's acting as young Stacie was incredible, and the emotions she was expressing at the loss of her loved one reminds us that no matter who you're in a relationship with, it's the same love.

The later half of the film was really inspiring as a plea for equality and tolerance of others. With the legalisation of gay marriage in America last year, this film couldn't have come at a better time to remind people that all love is equal, and homosexual relationships experience the same love, happiness and heartbreak that heterosexual relationships do.

As a true story, Freeheld is a heartbreaking film and an inspirational tale of two people who are in love.


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