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After the two-part analysis I published last week of Canadian rock band Sumo Cyco's videography (which you can read here and here), I got in touch with their PR agency in Europe, The Noise Cartel, and decided to send in some questions that needed answering. What I got back was nothing short of exciting.

Let's take a step back for a second and understand where all this creativity is coming from in the first place. According to Sever:

Usually we start by looking at our resources. Having access to a location, a cool idea for a costume or a prop can really inspire the entire video. We love referencing horror or B-movie/C-movie cliques in our our cyco way.

Wardrobe were one of the main points in every single of their videos, of which Sever said:

Regarding wardrobe, we usually find inspiration at costume stores especially around Halloween. Obviously Halloween is our favorite holiday.

Hadn't noticed it...

Like a Killer!
Like a Killer!

On more pressing issues, mainly the continuation of the Lost In Cyco City saga, rest assured, they are working on finishing it up. Could that mean we'll still get maybe two more videos? Specially since they are still writing album number 2, there is still some time to have fun.

I don't want to ruin any surprises, but I bet that Crowd Control (Do What We Want) is one of the upcoming videos. It's such an energetic song! And while I'm on a speculation roll, I'm going for Fuel My Fire, one of my personal favorites! And a title like that really leaves the pyromaniac in me excited!

But you can feel that the band is proud of their work.

We were a bit crazy by starting the continuing storyline for our first album, it was pretty ambitious of us especially since we didn't know what the future held.

Would one say you were Cyco Crazy?!

What they did confirm is that within the next ten years, Sever and Matt see themselves throwing their "efforts into filmmaking".
Just knowing that this is a possibility gives me goosebumps. Cyco City: The Movie, coming 2026. You heard it here first!

Finally, we can sleep easy knowing that they are working hardly on everything album 2. Sever said:

It's all very exciting to take off from what we've built with Lost In Cyco City, but add a new twist. We will still be living in the Cyco City world, but we will be approaching things a bit differently. You'll have to wait and see!

Fine, but only because you asked nicely!

Sumo Cyco are still accepting pledges for the making of their second album.
There are dozens of different option to choose from, so this is your chance to be part of the making of something amazing! You can check out their campaign on PledgeMusic here.

In the meantime, watch Brave! Or any other Sumo Cyco music video! I promise it'll be worth every second!


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