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The Justice League: Part One is set to start production in April, and I can't wait to take a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes photos of all the DC Comics legends fighting crime together, like a true team of superheroes should.

But did you know that the working title was originally gonna be Caveman? According to, there is a possibility that "Caveman" could be a hint as to who the villain is. Many think that there might be a possibility of Darkseid making an appearance as the main antagonist.


But then there is also Vandal Savage, an immortal villain who has pestered the Justice League and other DC heroes time and again, after he was hit by a meteorite as a caveman.

Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage

So who could it be? We might have to just wait and see.

Below is a list of other DC films that also had intriguing working titles:

1. 'Man Of Steel'

Working title: Autumn Frost

2. 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Working title: Magnus Rex

3. 'Batman Begins'

Working title: The Intimidation Game

With a team consisting of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, and many more, the Earth is much safer against any villainous, mutant caveman that might be out there.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' hits theaters March 25.

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