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I Write Therefore I Am...Obsessive and Compulsive
Amy Surprenant

Eddie the Eagle. An inspirational biopic about an Olympic ski jumper who falls on hard times.

4. You Will Relate

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all thought we were amazing at a certain task – be it art or music or clothing your pets in record time – but then someone or something comes along to take it all away and prove you’re only mediocre. Sheesh…what a terrible way to open an article. It gets better, though.

Dear God...
Dear God...

Eddie the Eagle will teach you that just because someone does it better than you, it doesn’t mean you’re not great at what you do. So go ahead and put some fancy clothes on your naked bearded dragon! And send me a picture of him in that cute little sweater.

3. The Ratings

7.5 out of 10 on IMDb is actually pretty freaking decent. All the reviews are positive as well. No beating around the bush with this one (I honestly have no idea what I mean by that). But what surprises me is the 72% on Rotten Tomatoes: the site notorious for giving terrible scores and having way too high of standards.

Fresh. Rotten. Certified.
Fresh. Rotten. Certified.

2. Taron Egerton

For the ladies: a cute, awkward, down on his luck twenty-six-year-old English boy. Where did you want me to sign you up? I know you like it. Plus, he’s amazing at skiing. Think of the vacations!

For the dudes: he’s a good actor. And he’s funny. Yee-haw!

1. Because You’ve Already Seen Deadpool

I know you have. I’ve seen it 374,654 times. Don’t lie to me.


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