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The Witch directed by Robert Eggers tells the tale of a Puritan family in 1630 that is banished from their village and must live near a wood thats got a big old bad witch in it.

This is not your typical horror film. You will not be jumped scared, you will not scream, but your face will do a lot of this...*eww face*

Because this film is all about tone, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the writing blend into one haunting note that lingers. It is a case study of good direction and solid vision.

But did I like it? Yeah pretty much.

And I believe this is a case of high expectations. Ever since it screened at Sundance people have been touting this as horror masterpiece, genre defining, but I find it no more defining than Rosemary's Baby which came out 48 years ago.

Tonal horror has been around for a long, long time from classics such as The Shining, and the The Fly to recent films like Goodnight Mommy, It Follows and my personal favorite Let the Right One In. They all prove a slow burn works in horror. The Witch was not the first of its kind but it does a good job at fitting in with the rest of the pack.


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