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Taly Andino

I'm a fan of DC and Marvel (yes, those people exist). I enjoy watching the movies and TV Shows knowing what I'm getting when it comes to entertainment. These past few weeks (not including the episode from 2/25/15 cause I haven't seen it) on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, have been pretty frustrating.

Before I start, let me state that this is solely based on what has transpired in the show and none of this is speculation, but there are plenty of spoilers ahead.

The concept of the show is to capture the bad guy, kill him and with that, fix the future. Simple, yet very complicated concept that the show runners need to be careful with when writing their episodes, but there is something that also seems to be slipping from there minds, the mission.

For the second time this season, our team of heroes have gone to battle with Vandal Savage, and have come within inches of him. During the show, they speak of finding him and putting an end to his reign, but when they catch up to him, nothing happens, they let him go to meet up another day. In my previous post that you can read HERE, I go into detail on how the entire point of the show was put aside for no reason what so ever.

The latest mishap occurred during episode 5 titled Fail-Safe. In this episode we find that Savage has captured three of our heroes in an effort to make his own Firestorm. During their escape attempt they again found themselves face-to-face with Savage.

This scenario was different. This time Kendra was part of the rescue team and with Rip's help was able to locate Savage alone. We see, the mission and purpose to the show being put aside for monologue, and with the same lack of reasoning, they let him go, again. Most or all of the pieces were in place, a subdued Savage, Kendra, possibly the knife since Savage carries it everywhere, but Rip tells Kendra to leave, then he leaves too. At some point the writers, producers and directors will start to realize that they should either capture him or attempt to kill him in one of these encounters, or not put the characters in this position. For the sake and longevity of the show, not putting them in this position would be ideal. We should all know that killing him is not the only way to stop him. Capturing him in the past and then taking him past the future where he rules the world would fix the future they are so desperately trying to save. It's not like he is a part of Hydra, where you cut off one head and two more takes its place. You take him out of the equation in the past, and his organization will not exist.

Yes, this is a rant, and I wouldn't be so frustrated if I didn't think the show had a lot of potential. I hate thinking that it's possible they rushed this show out without really comprehending all the responsibilities that come with a show about time travel. Then to see that they've accomplished their mission twice in the last six weeks and have not realized it and let it slip by.


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