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(For the hero to be qualified for selection on my list, they must not be currently in a television series or movie at the time of writing. Enjoy!)

Television can never have too many cop shows (there are, like, a 1,000) and the same should be said for superhero shows. Adapting a comic book into a television show should always sound appealing to a studio executives because of the abundance of source material and an already built-in fan base. The main concern for fans and studio execs is: can the show function within a network's budget without the sacrificing quality? The answer to that question boils down to the talents of the set production team and the writers. The CW network proved with Arrow and The Flash that television can do justice to adaptations of beloved comics with a relatively low budget by being loyal to the source material.

Don't shot Batman & Robin
Don't shot Batman & Robin

Why I love superhero shows on the silver screen!

Too slow
Too slow

In life, it takes time to form a bond and this is especially true for watching certain characters on the small or big screen. In movies, directors must compact storylines and other interesting tidbits for the sake of time in exchange for a larger budget. In television, the writers are allowed to develop characters and have the freedom to fully explore their hidden depths to show what makes that character the way they are. This is extremely important in superhero entertainment because we need to understand why they're heroes and why the villains usually hate puppies. I will explain why these seven superheroes deserve a show and why they should be making their way to a television screen near you.

1. Midnighter (DC)

It's not the size of the image
It's not the size of the image

How awesome would seeing an antihero fighting bad guys ruthlessly without any form of self-doubt of his tactics be? Midnighter a.k.a. Lucas Trent has some enhanced powers and can basically be described as an extreme, gay version of Batman who enjoys murdering people. His diversity, in terms of being a homosexual and completely ignoring any stereotypes, would make him an awesome addition for any network. After watching the awesomeness of The Flash, I am convinced that they could translate almost any superhero on the small screen. This show would work best on a premium station due to its violent nature, but any network would be lucky to have this unique hero.

Dream Cast - Max Greenfield, Ed Skrein

2. Batgirl (DC)

The public still doesn't know if she will appear in Batman v Superman, but if only the CW could make a show starring her in Hipsterville! Throughout the years there've been many women wearing the costume, but Barbra Gordon is the one you think of when you imagine Batgirl. The only complaint I could imagine if they developed the show would be that there would be too many similarities to Arrow. The show would be immensely popular just because the show would have 'Bat' in the title. I am still shocked that no network has made this into a hit series yet!

Dream Cast - Anna Kendrick

3. Zatanna (DC)

If she were to battle Superman, she would be Holly Holm and Clark would be Ronda Rousey in the title match for DC royalty (is that a thing?). She's one of the coolest people on DC's roster of heroes and I still cannot believe Arrow or The Flash has not utilized her unique talents. The greatest thing about this show would be fully embracing the weirdness that encompasses a character like Zatanna. There are endless possibilities for where the producers could take the show. I would love to see her appear in one of the movies because she is too astounding not to be part of DC! (Plus, can you imagine what kind of trouble her and Constantine would get into?!)

Dream Cast - Alexandra Daddario

4. Spider-Woman (Marvel)

Jessica Drew could be a famous blogger, and since she has immense spider-powers she would sometimes interview heroes. Not only heroes, but she could go around the world as a journalist where people are suffering and if a supervillain is behind those travesties she would battle the villain to help out people in need. This would be perfect for Netflix, since the budget would be somewhat expensive. Imagine all the stories the writers could tell!

If Marvel decided to create the Ultimate Universe to tell stories with other heroes that are not as famous as The Avengers, then they could switch perspectives to tell unique stories from an array of heroes' perspectives. I have a better chance of having Taylor Swift write a song about me than see Marvel create another universe on the cinematic side (although it would be awesome if both those dreams came true)!

Dream Cast - Nina Dorbrev

5. She-Hulk (Marvel)

It's Marvel mixed with The Good Wife and if that doesn't make you happier than a young man's prom date with a Victoria's Secret model then I am sorry to inform you someone stole your soul. It would be amazing to see her represent heroes being accused of whatever crime. She's extremely powerful due to her still being Jennifer when she transforms into the Hulk, I would love to see her on Netflix fighting bad people in the courtroom. It would be awesome to see her win in the day and at night she would fight for all the people. I would love to see her in a movie, or go against Murdock v. Walters and then team-up to fight The Hand! (Netflix please make this dream become a reality!)

Dream Cast - Jessica Biel

6. Squirrel-Girl (Marvel)

How awesome would it be to see Doreen Green babysit Luke and Jessica's baby in the day, and at night see her battle thugs trying to rob a pregnant lady? Since Marvel changed her origins from being a mutant to a baby receiving experimental treatment that gives her superpowers. The Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl defeated Dr. Doom and Thanos in the comics because they underestimate her abilities because she's a giant rodent. I would envision her show to be Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt mixed with Supergirl heroics. I think it would be a hard sell for adults to take her seriously at the movies, but on television ABC could make this one of the most entertaining shows right behind It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Dream Cast - Shailene Woodley

7. Swamp-Thing (DC)

They would have to change his origins slightly, since Groot is the only talking tree that can get away with being a talking tree the whole time! He would fight environmental causes like legalizing weed everywhere (just kidding... sorta) and would be nicknamed The Lorax, because he speaks for the trees (because he's actually a tree!). He would be part of Justice League Dark on television and fight all different villains. He would be a very important figure in superhero shows due to the increasingly importance of global warming. The hardest part of his creation would be making him look formidable on a TV budget.

Dream Cast - Nick Johnson


I am a firm believer that superhero fatigue is a term that was created by people jealous of the huge success of the genre. When you strip away all of the amazing action and the immensely interesting characters that make up the standard superhero story, what do yo have? The same thing as any other story. What appeals to people is the way these stories challenge our imaginations. I must applaud all of these individuals who work day and night to deliver our dreams into reality, creating worlds where a woman with a bushy tail can defeat the most powerful person in the galaxy. Thank you Marvel and DC for pushing my imagination to the limit!

Please check out my article tomorrow about predictions in 'Captain America: Civil War'! Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment.


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