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We all love a good scary story, but sometimes, we either don't enjoy reading the long ones or we simply don't have time. After looking around the web for some of the most scariest and short stories out there, I found some really creepy one's to keep you up at night. Next I've gather another 10 for you to enjoy. Maybe you can read them when you're alone, at night, during a stormy night or simply when you're about to say goodnight! Enjoy.. Click Here for Part 1.

1.- Mom

You hear your mom calling you into the kitchen. As you are heading down the stairs you hear a whisper from the closet saying “Don’t go down there honey, I heard it too.

2.- Mirror

I woke up to hear knocking on glass, at first I thought it was my window. Until I heard it coming from the mirror.. Again.

3.- Face

The longer I wore it, the more she grew on me.. She had such a pretty face.

4.- Reflection

I was home alone when I heard on the news about a killer that escaped. Suddenly, I saw him, there in the snow grinning at me thru the window. When all of a sudden I realized, there was no footprints in the snow.. It was his reflection.

5.- Bike Ride

While riding my bike at night, I took a short cut thru a desolated area. There, I found a girl, all dirty, walking all alone close to midnight. I passed by her and then I looked back thru my rear view mirror to make sure she was ok, she was sitting in my back seat.

6.- Red Tag

My patient just passed away, so I had to red tag her. Heading towards the elevator after a long shift, I'm greeted with a smile by a young girl. 3 floors later, a woman tried to come in. I press the elevator button and take it to the last floor as quick as I can. The young girl, upset by this, tells me that I was rude. I turn around and tell her, that was the patient that just passed away on my operating table, didn't you see the red tag on her?? She turns around, raises her hand and tells me.. Kind of like this?

7.- Train

A pretty young girl boarded the train late at night. She sat across from a woman, who kept staring at her none stop, while sitting in between 2 men. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another man, sat next to the pretty girl, and whispered "Get off at the next stop, it is important that you trust me". The girl, scared but trustworthy got off with the man. I'm a doctor, he told her, that woman that was staring at you was dead, and those guys were holding her up.

8.- Car Crash

I was trying to hug her and calm her down, and told her everything was going to be ok. I moved to the side from the scene of the car crash, only to see her weeping over my body, and realized.. I was dead.

9.- Seance

I walked into the room and only saw one candle glowing. I see my parents sitting at the table next to an older woman. "I can feel him, he's here" she tells them. As I noticed, they were all holding hands.

10.- A Friend

Look Mary, my friend is here said Bobby. Who? I replied. My friend, she's right in front of us, can't you see her? Bobby, there's no one here, I said, we are the only ones sitting on the stairs. Look, she's right there.. She's hanging in front of us.

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