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While Doomsday's introduction in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was quite controversial, there are still a handful of people excited to see the legendary comic book villain brought to life.

We knew the creature was going to be developed from General Zod's corpse (Thanks Superman) but we didn't know who would provide the sounds or motion capture for the villain... well we still don't know about the mo-cap but we do know about the grunts: Robin Atkin Dowens. He released this tweet:

His credits include Game of Thrones, Batman: Bad Blood, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Fallout 4. While he states he "helped bring Doomsday to life" and doesn't specify in which capacity, going by his résumè, it's easy to assume he provided the voice (or grunts... who knows, we may have an educated Doomsday in the film).

Do you think he only provided his voice to the character or helped with motion capture as well? Are you happy with the choice?


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