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The time has finally come, the warrior princess will rise from the darkness to amaze fans across the small screen once again. Yes, you heard right, Xena: Warrior Princess is officially in the works. In 1995 Lucy Lawless took on the revolutionary role and fought against both Gods and monsters alike, showing young girls of the '90s that you don't need glass slippers and tiaras to be princesses.

Today it seems that the mighty Chakram that protected Lucy Lawless's Xena may have to be passed on as, with a new series in the pipeline, a new Xena will be needed. Although it may be hard to fill Lawless's gladiator boots, here are 5 actresses that, if they were to be cast as the Warrior Princess, would make Xena proud.

Jaimie Alexander

Although Jamie Alexander may not be as well known as many other Hollywood actresses, we have all seen her superb portrayal of the all mighty Lady Sif in Thor. Alexander truly manages to bring out Lady Sif's warrior heart and ever proving that she is just as worthy as the great God of Thunder himself to wield the hammer, Mjolnir

Gal Gadot

She is fast and she is furious and it's just these traits that make Gal Gadot an ideal candidate for the role of Xena. Having appeared in the Fast and Furious franchise, Gadot has already shown to have a true warrior's spirit. However, with the ever anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice drawing ever closer, Gadot will take on the iconic role of Wonder Woman. An Amazonian at heart, Gadot is already one step ahead of most for the role of Xena.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale as already built quite a name for herself as a strong spirited and brave heroine in Hollywood. Being the lead monster slaying heroine of four Underworld films, you'd expect her to have that kind of reputation, anyway. Monsters will cower in fear if the title of Warrior Princess ever falls on Beckinsale's capable shoulders.

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton these days has just, sort of, become associated with heroine roles. Having taken on iconic roles in Prince of Persia, Hansel and Gretel and Clash of the Titans, Arterton may just have the brawn and bravery to take on the mantle of Xena.

Eliza Dushku

From a young age, Eliza Dushku has fought the monsters that hide under your bed. Having taken on the badass roles of both Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Echo in Dollhouse, Dushku has proven she doesn't only have the bravery and strength to save the world but the know-how to as well.

Although no one will ever replace Lucy Lawless, the Chakram must be passed on. Although her era has come to a sad end her legacy will live on forever in whoever will eventually carry the responsibility of the name Xena on her shoulders.


Who would make the perfect Xena?


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