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Leonardo DiCaprio has the chance — yet again — to win the Oscar this Sunday at the 88th Academy Awards. And even though his continual losses have turned into a bit of a running joke, this year could be the one! This might be the year he finally wins.

I mean, for fuck's sake, in The Revenant, the guy ran around in minus-1,000-degree weather and ate raw bison liver. He has worked insanely hard to win that golden statuette.

At this point, it really seems as if Leo can handle anything that comes his way. Just look at how gracious and supportive he is toward his fellow actors. And he even doles out a little kiss on the cheek to fellow contender Matthew McConaughey.

1. Tommy Lee Jones's 'The Fugitive' Win (1994)

2. Jamie Foxx's 'Ray' Win (2005)

3. Forest Whitaker's 'The Last King Of Scotland' Win (2007)

4. Matthew McConaughey's 'Dallas Buyers Club' Win (2014)

Leo is an absolute good sport. It doesn't matter if he doesn't win this year, or ever, because we all know just how outstanding and otherworldly of an actor he is. A buffed golden man will do nothing to further punctuate that fact.

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