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Spoilers Ahead for the latest episode of the CW's Arrow

The latest episode of Arrow has me asking more than a few questions other than if I'm going to stay interested long enough to finish this season. A lot of things happened including the return of Vixen and her animal spirit totem, the revelation of Oliver's son, William, to the rest of the group, and another battle with Damien Darhk and the forces of H.I.V.E.

What does it all mean though? What's going to happen when the show returns after another painstakingly long wait to March 23rd? Here's a couple quick bullet points for the pivotal moments and what I believe they could mean for the fourth season.

Darhk Has Seemingly Lost His Powers

By the end of the latest episode, Team Arrow unleashed a full assault against Darhk's stronghold in an effort to save William from harm. During the struggle, Vixen was able to snag the totem that gave Darhk his mystical power, and then use her own totem for the strength to destroy it.

Though the team was almost magically strangled by him, Darhk's idol was destroyed just in the nick of time, and he apparently lost the control of his sorcery. The question is now that Darhk has lost his powers, who will pick up the mantle of the show's villain for the remaining eight episodes? The sneak peek at the following episode hints at the return of former antagonist, and Green Arrow nemesis, Malcolm Merlyn.

In episode 4.13, Nyssa al Ghul was hell-bent on taking the leadership of the League of Assassins back from Malcolm, so much so that she was willing to cure Thea's bloodlust in exchange for Ra's' ring of leadership. Merlyn was more than hesitant to give up his seat as Head of the Demon, and therefore forced Nyssa's hand into a trial by combat.

In a turn of events, Oliver takes Nyssa's spot, fighting Malcolm in what was probably one of the most disappointing battles in this series. The man who practically crippled Oliver in the first season was defeated in a matter of a few strikes, and then Oliver really did cripple him by literally taking his left hand.

With an obvious grudge, Merlyn relinquished his rights to the League's leadership, but then turned to team up with Darhk in revealing intimate details about Oliver's loved ones, leading to William's abduction. In the preview for episode 4.16, Merlyn is seen speaking to Darhk about how he will proceed without the sorcerer, allegedly meaning that Darhk's ultimate endgame will now be fulfilled by the Dark Archer.

Felicity Walks!...and Then Walks Out

With a bit of technology developed by Curtis in secret, Felicity works on the ability to walk again after a microchip is implanted in her spine. As the physical and mental stress begin to break her down in her efforts, the news of William's existence creates a rift between her and Oliver. In the final moments of the episode, as she conveys her frustrations to Oliver, she begins to rise from her wheelchair and walk again. Unfortunately, almost as quickly as she began, she turned around and walked out the door to their apartment, seemingly leaving Oliver.

I'm sure that it won't be for good, as much as all of you fellow 'Olicity' haters want, but it's going to be a chance for both of them to think about their relationship, eventually leading to a heartfelt moment in a future episode where they most likely will express deep love for each other and undying commitment. Personally, I'm hoping for a redo between Oliver and Laurel, but that rift is about as big as the Wall in Game of Thrones, therefore that's highly unlikely.

Whatever the case may be, or the twists and turns that lie ahead, this season is too little of an improvement over the third season for me. I'm really hoping for a final push from the writers to pique my interest. What do you think will happen in the future of Arrow?

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