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Ancient Egypt has never received the attention it deserves. There are so many potential stories and mythologies to explore that I would love to see on the big screen. When I first saw the trailer for Gods of Egypt, I was intrigued since I'm a sucker for that genre. Rumored to be relying heavily on CGI, I tried to keep an open mind, not sure what to expect.

The movie tells the story of the Egyptian God, Horus (played by Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who was presumably taking over the Egyptian empire from his father, Osiris, until his uncle (Gerard Butler) hijacks the plan. A family power struggle ensues and a journey for revenge leads Horus to team up with mortal, Bek (Brenton Thwaites), to find a way to win back the throne from the God of Darkness. Motivated by a promise from Horus to bring back his beloved Zaya (Courtney Eaton), Bek uses his thievery and wits to overcome the threats they encounter.

Part fantasy adventure, part love story, part comedy, Gods of Egypt uses all it can to attract an array of viewers. The movie tries to touch upon so many different genres but never dives deep enough. As for the Egyptian mythology, the movie fails to delve into the interesting backstories. At times, it felt like a comedy but there was never a clear sign if the film was in on the jokes. There were missed opportunities to develop certain characters or to even explain who they were. The movie focuses on the special effects and CGI and in that respect, lives up to its promise.

Men transforming into winged creatures, intense fight scenes, and loud sound editing results in some over the top action. I must add that visually, the movie was stunning but moviegoers want an equal balance of visuals and an enticing storyline to keep them in their seats. At times, Gods of Egypt was very entertaining but the loss of direction and sensory overload made this movie miss its mark.

The movie opens in theaters Friday, February 26th

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