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We are in a golden age of comic book movies. Just this year, we got Deadpool, which did an amazing service to his character. We also finally get to see Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War in the following 2 months! However, comic books themselves have not been doing so good. Both Marvel and DC comics have gone significantly down in sales these past couple of years. This is mostly due to its constant reboot of universes, trying too hard to be diverse which leads to changing of our favorite characters, and just plain being too confusing. Fans are shocked that Marvel or DC hasn't done something to stop the confusion. If they did, their sales would significantly increase.

Personally, I gave up on Marvel and DC comics and I feel like the only ones easy to follow are the new Star Wars comics, which is technically branched under Marvel comics. They release issues either monthly or semi-monthly with 3 main series and a few 5-part series. They only keep a few different series out at the same time, making it easy to follow. Also, their comics are so much more entertaining, the stories are more rich and fun, and the character development is really well done.

So, answer this: If Marvel can release a good line of Star Wars comic book series and not be confusing, why can't they do this with the actual Marvel comics (The Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.)? Well, it turns out Marvel Comics is beginning to step in the right direction with their new initiative: Timely Comics.

What Exactly is 'Timely Comics'?

Timely Comics was the name of Marvel back in the day right up to 1961, where Marvel's golden age of comics began with the creation of the many iconic characters we know and love today. So is this a re-print of old comics? Not at all! It is actually an imprint that sells the first three issues of a series in one collection for a low cost of $3. That is less than a regular issue of a Marvel comic, which is usually $4. Single issues are very short and filled with advertisements. It’s impossible to get a sense of an overarching story. Three issues is actually a decent amount of material, enough for a reader to make an informed judgment of whether they actually like the comic or not. They do not have to go out and buy the first couple of comics of a series and spend $15 to find out they don't like the series. I have done that plenty of times! If Marvel actually advertises this correctly and the word gets around, this could lead to a lot more fans checking out some series, because the amount of superhero fans that actually read comics currently is a small percentage.

So when are these 'Timely Comics' coming out? You can sign me up for sure! Well, the first round of 'Timely Comics' are being released in June. Also, there is a significant amount of these Timely Comic issues being released.The following titles will be released: (They also included an image for some of the titles)

Invincible Iron Man

All-New All-Different Avengers

All-New Inhumans




Doctor Strange

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

New Avengers

Scarlet Witch

Squadron Supreme

Totally Awesome Hulk


Uncanny Inhumans

Venom: Space Knight

Web Warriors

Marvel did a good job here with 'Timely Comics'. Do you guys agree? Tell me below!


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