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Fuller House landed on Netflix today, and in between enjoying all the treacly nostalgia and cast reunions, everybody is talking about one scene that calls back to the original show's most famous stars.

In the pilot episode of Fuller House, the entire Tanner clan gets together in their famous kitchen, and they can't help but notice that one person is missing. Well, technically two people.

'Fuller House' couldn't help but slip in a Mary-Kate and Ashley dis with one extra-long camera stare

In true Full House fashion, the sequel series doesn't really prioritize subtlety.

As it turns out, it was John Stamos who came up with this concept, but it was a little different in his mind.

Uncle Jesse wanted to break the fourth wall even more

John told People back in December that he came up with the look-into-the-camera gag, and he didn't consider it to be disrespectful:

"It was my idea. I thought, let's just be simple and look at the camera. And it's not a dis by any means. I just thought it was funny to go, 'We get it, too.'"

However, there was another take that didn't make it into the final cut. After Danny explains Michelle's whereabouts, the whole cast ad-libs until Jesse shouts at the camera, "One episode!"

Immediately, Jesse gets a call, exiting the kitchen while proclaiming, "It's the twins' lawyer."

Obviously, that would have ruined the illusion of twins playing one character, so it didn't make it into the episode. Still, it seems the Olsen gals will still be staying far away from this reboot series.

(Source: People)


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