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Out of honor and respect for the recent launch of the hugely successful film, Deadpool, I have decided to discuss Cable for a moment. I'm already rooting for him, but I felt a small list of his exploits would be necessary, especially for those fans who had no idea of his existence before seeing the film.

1. He's Cyclops's son

Yeah, kind of obvious, but if you're someone who's never heard of the character, it's kind of necessary. Alright, well, let's start out with Sinister. You know that guy who always tries to clone the X-Men, especially Jean and Cyclops? Yeah him. Well, he made a successful clone of Jean Grey named Madeline Pryor. After one of Jean's supposed "deaths," Scott became depressed and travelled to the Canada/Alaska area with his brother and father to "get away from it all."

When he arrived he found Madeline, who looked exactly like Jean. His brother and father were completely unaware of the similarities and continued their trip as if nothing was wrong. Cyclops eventually began dating Pryor, and the two became engaged and then married. Then Madeline got pregnant, and Sinister's ploys were revealed: he wanted the child for his own nefarious purposes, so to escape, Cyclops, Madeline and newborn Nathan travelled into the future where Nathan could be raised in peace. He eventually became the time traveling mutant known as Cable.

2. He and Apocalypse are arch enemies

It was actually prophesied that Cable would be the one to kill Apocalypse. Apocalypse found out and infected the young baby with a techno-organic virus with the intention of murdering him. However, Cable survived. His mutant powers activated, forcing the virus to remain in the left side of his body. This included his eye, part of his face, his whole arm, and part of his torso and thigh.

Now that we have X Men: Apocalypse coming soon and Deadpool as well, I cannot help but wonder if this was done on purpose. After all, the two are best friends, of a sort, so it's easy to assume that Cable will appear either in the already anticipated Deadpool 2, or Apocalypse. Either or, once he appears in one, he'll appear in the other. If he appears in the next X-Men film, he'll probably make a cameo. However, as he and Apocalypse are arch enemies it would make sense for at least an allusion to his character to appear in the film.

3. Cable is possibly more powerful that Jean Grey and just as smart as Reed Richards

Cable inherited his mother's powers and his father's physique. Like Jean, he possesses a large array of abilities from psionic blasts, to telepathy, forcefields, telekinesis, etc. Unfortunately, his telekinetic abilities are usually out of full capacity as Cable has to constantly hold back the techno virus covering his body.

Reed Richards
Reed Richards

However, when not having to focus on that, Cable is able to analytically pull things apart piece by piece and put them back together at lightning pace. This has also allowed him to sense the very electrons in the air and tell how much oxygen is in a certain area or substance. Aside from these, his intellect is also very high, possibly because of his superhuman genes, and as such is sometimes compared to Reed Richards, the number one smartest person in the Marvel universe. That's really smart, especially when you have people like Doctor Doom of Latveria, T'Challa of Wakanda, Amadeus Cho, and Bruce Banner on your heels. I'll just leave it at that.

4. Do you have a Six Pack? Cable does

Before Cable was the badass soldier of the future, he was the badass leader of a mercenary team called Six Pack of the future. The team itself consisted of Kane (a Weapon X knock-off), the probability shifting Domino, Grizzly (super strength), tech expert Hammer, and soldier George Washington Bridge (who after went to work for S.H.I.E.L.D.). The team were simply mercenaries, but they performed their missions adequately. Not everyone can have their strike force named after beer, you know.

5. Have you ever heard of Stryfe?

This is Stryfe. Don't be like Stryfe. Actually, just avoid him altogether. He is in fact the clone of Cable himself. Have you ever heard the phrase "You are your own worst enemy"? Well, here it rings true. Stryfe was created when Cable's adopted family cloned him in case he happened to die. However, Apocalypse stole the baby and turned him into a nightmare. Stryfe became Cable's arch foe being responsible for the deaths of many of his friends and Cable's wife Aliya a.k.a. Jenskot. Stryfe has proceeded to chase Cable throughout time itself. He has also kidnapped Cable's son Tyler and brainwashed him. Taking the name Genesis, he then proceeded to chase his father back to the present with the intention of murder, however, he was slain when he temporarily turned Wolverine insane, who then murdered him.

I hope this was an adequate introduction to the character known as Cable. I also secondly hope you have enough information about him to have peek your interest. Guess what? He's a'coming to Deadpool 2. I hope you're prepared because with Cable's eventual arrival, it won't just be Deadpool's world shaking but also the X-Men's as well. Yes, he's going to appear in Deadpool 2, but the real focus of his arrival will be towards the X-Men, not the Merc.

Did you already know who Cable was? Was there something on this list you hadn't already known? Great. Have a nice day.


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