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Ashley Wells

She felt sad

sad for the fact that he had to leave

She knew that he would not return, if at all

She remembered the times they shared, the arguments, picnics under the oak tree, their wedding day and raising their three beautiful children.

While she knew that he had to defend the nation, she wished that he would stay,

As she wiped away the tears that streamed down her face, she runs to him, throws herself into his arms, kissed him, and said

Return home,

Return Safe,

Return for our kids……

My love, my life return to us safe and sound…… we will be waiting,

Then he turned smiling and called back… wait for me, my love

Several months pass, she has fear in her mind, there is a knock at the door.

She opens the door to find a service woman standing on the porch,

The service woman, the husband had saved, handed the wife a folded flag

The children come home from the park to find their mother sobbing on the couch

She explains to them that their father will not be coming home,

That he saved his squad but lost his life in the process

They all sob uncontrollably for hours, as time passes wounds heal or turn into scars,

They lost a lot through the years, but at least they have learned and lived and loved the way he would have wanted.

As he walks along the gangway to board, his mind is on his wife and kids that he left in the terminal.

He regrets joining the army, but at this time of need all that can fight must fight

The flight is short, but feels like a life time for him

Six months of hard, gruelling training pass and he is ready for the front lines, just like the other men that joined

He doesn't know how, but he survives two months on the front lines, he gets reassigned to go on a secret mission that was meant to last a few days.

The mission takes two and a half months but he does not see the end of the first.

He stays behind to hold off the enemy, while the squad he was assigned to gets a board the evacuation chopper.

While he lays mortally wounded in the dirt his mind wonders to the promise he made, he knows he cannot keep it.

He thinks to himself

I'm sorry my love, I can't keep my promise

I'm sorry that I can't return for our kids,

Don't wait for me, find another to love,

Heal for me, heal for the kids, heal for yourself

My love, My life, live on for yourself and the kinds…… don't forget our love for each other,

Don't forget

My love

I wrote this in an evening and posted it on Facebook late of the 24 and early 25 December 2014. When writing this I wasn't focused on spelling or punctuation. If it wasn't clear about half way through it changed to the male. None of the characters have names. This may or may not lead to me writing more pieces. I would like criticism if it is bad just put it into constructive criticism.


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